Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 05.08.2017

WWE a tape-delayed version of Raw from the UK this week, how did it get rated by the Pulse Wrestling crew?


Good but forgettable show this week. What is the direction for most of these guys? It was nice to see Seamus and Cesaro run through all those teams though.
Rating: 7.0


I must respectfully disagree. This show really dragged for me, and the pre-taping hurt it a ton. Now with Braun being out 4-8 weeks, it’s only going to get worse I’m afraid.
Rating – 3.5

Jeremy Peeples

It wasn’t a dreadful edition of the show – but there wasn’t much of note outside of the tag team turmoil match and the continued Dean vs. Miz feud. They did a good job writing off Braun, and giving Roman a bit of a badass threatening vibe that he’d been lacking – but didn’t go all the way with it. If Braun is going to miss months of action, having him leave under his own power really doesn’t help Roman as much as it should, but it does protect Braun. They were put in a tough spot there, but did a fine job overall with that. The Nia/Alexa storyline moved along well, and it’s clear that they’ll have a (hopefully short) match down the line. Dean being GM and being in a match was odd, and Bray going from beating the WWE Champion to now battling the IC Champion just seems to drag everyone down and shines a light on how devalued the WWE Title has been since he held it.
Rating – 6.5


With more of a focus on in-ring and some good matches, Raw was a very good show this week that seemed to go by faster than normal.
Rating: 7.5

Total Ratings: 24.5
Total Reviewers: 4

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 6.1

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