Impact Wrestling 5/11/17 Recap – Alberto vs. Magnus for the GFW Title

Clips of Eli vs. Alberto air to start things off. A wacky four way X division match starts things off, with Matt Sydal, Andrew Everett, Caleb Konley and Dezmond Xavier. So within weeks, Sydal is just another dude in this division. Sydal hits a sunset flip and stunner on two of them. Caleb hits a Regal plex to Sydal and gets 2.5 while Josh yells HEGOTTEMHEGOTTENHEGOTTEM! Everett hits a frankendriver on Xavier to win it. JB is behind the announcers with fans holding signs up for him. Okay then. EC3 calls Storm a coward and we get another skit with KM insulting someone who implies he’s a liar. He has gone from just doing a Biff Tannen-esque character to literally doing “MAKE LIKE A TREE AND GET OUTTA HERE”.

EC3 comes out dressed like a cowboy, and with his physique and use of chaps, he’s really coming off like a gay cowboy gimmick from the ’80s. He sings a song horribly, so James Storm comes down to kick his ass. They brawl and EC3 whips Storm’s back. Josh is now back as a heel, approving of everything EC3’s doing. Storm had his back beaten badly here, and we get recap before Singh and Idris Abraham are now entered in the GFW Tag Team Title tournament. Why does this title need a tournament? They’ll face Loredo Kid and Garza Jr, who fly around a bit nicely. Idris gets powerbombed to the back of his partner, which was neat. Garza hits a 450 and Loredo hits a moonsault to the floor to win it.

Sienna is shown beating Christina Von Eerie and mocks Karen Jarrett for winning her title. Garza Jr and Loredo Kid cut a generic promo about being Mexican warriors and being unstoppable. Pope hypes up that Impact has something for everyone. Ava Storie comes down to face LVN. She comes down and falls on her ass getting in the ring. LVN hits a curb stomp to the back and wins it. We get another Spud video, now saying he didn’t mean to pull Swoggle’s pants down. Okay then. We get an LAX video from a lowrider show. They’re going to pay respects to Decay, apparently. Mid-ring, the LAX theme is mixed in with a funeral march, which is honestly pretty neat.

Ashes representing Abyss and Steve are tossed out. A fan holds an American flag and Konnan threatens the fan. At least he’s not in a TNA shirt to make it super-obvious he’s a plant. Now Josh is a babyface, and the Veterans of War comet o defend their country. A brawl breaks out and the faces win this one. Now it’s Grand Title time as Marsche Rockett faces Moose. Moose dominates round 1 solidly, and beats him with Go to Hell in round 2. Eli and Tyrus jump Moose before Chris Adonis locks on the AdonisLock.

Dutch Mantel says that the Ultimate X will return with Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Low-Ki. Alicia and Eddie argue a bit backstage after last week’s show. Angelina Love comes out in pretty hot black and white gear. Alicia kind of runs down to face Angelina. They brawl for a bit before Angelina uses a chain to KO Alicia and then Davey attacks Eddie. Alberto walks backstage to prepare to face Magnus for the GFW Title.

Lashley says that he wants to see who wins so he can take their title too. Magnus is shown beating Matt Morgan last week. Alberto comes out before Magnus has his title, and Josh talks about Magnus treating it like a golden ticket to main event Slammiversary. They do some sloppy matwork to start before Alberto eats a buckle awkwardly. Alberto’s corner kick gets 2. Magnus’s flying elbow gets 2. The cloverleaf is locked on, but Alberto gets the ropes. Magnus hits a running boot and powerbombs him down. Magnus goes for a fireman’s carry driver, but Alberto gets the armbar and wins the match.

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