Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 05.15.2017

Monday Night Raw was live from New Jersey featuring some fresh singles matchups and a main event direction for Extreme Rules. How did the Pulse Wrestling crew score the show?

Jeremy Peeples

There was way too much filler, including repeated video packages throughout the evening. Miz and Maryse’s newly-matched jackets were an actual highlight, and seeing Joe in the main event scene was good. Raw being over three hours long felt that much longer with the DQs and other BS finishes throughout it, and they need to tone that down if they want to retain viewers. If you don’t want to beat a top star, fine – have undercard guys be destroyed. That’s their role. Curt Hawkins wasn’t brought in to do anything but that, and it’s a fine role to have.
Rating: 4.0


An overall eh episode of Raw. But there were a couple fresh-feeling match-ups, including Wyatt vs Rollins and Reigns vs Balor (and a Sister Abigail on Samoa Joe to boot). Plus, we got the Goldust heel turn we were all waiting for, right?
Rating: 5.5


I swear, I looked at the clock during the Balor/Roman match and could not believe there was another hour left in the show.
Rating – 3.0


Very ho hum show with a solid match from Finn and Roman, completely due to Finn. With Braun now out half a year, they are only going to continue to push Roman as a world beater, and us smarks might as well accept it. Bray standing tall at the end was surprisingly not well received by the live audience, and I think i can safely say he will not be the one facing Brock.
Rating – 5.0


This was a pretty boring Raw as WWE is more focused on the next Smackdown PPV.
Rating: 4.0

Total Ratings: 21.5
Total Reviewers: 5

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 4.3

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