Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Finale Interview With Big Brother Canada 5‘s Bruno Ielo

The day after the Big Brother Canada 5 finale, I had the chance to catch up with Bruno Ielo to discuss what happened. Prior to his exit from the game, Bruno whispered to Kevin to ‘take care of the game,’ while Bruno would ‘take care of the jury.’ As a result, I started the interview by asking Bruno how much credit her took for the unanimous jury vote that crowned Kevin as the winner. This led to a deeper discussion about how most of the new players said that they wanted to see a new player win but all ended up voting for Kevin. I told Bruno that he looked even happier about Kevin’s win than Kevin did and if that was the case. Finally, when he cast his vote for Kevin to win, Bruno said that he was the ‘the best Big Brother Canada player to ever play and I asked him why he felt that way.

Check out the video above!

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