Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Finale Interview With Big Brother Canada 5‘s Ika Wong

The day after the Big Brother Canada 5 finale, I had the chance to catch up with Ika Wong to discuss what happened. I asked her about how much better she did this time around versus her first time in the house. We also talked about how her alliance with Demetres was one of this season’s chief storylines and I asked her to elaborate on how significant a role he played in her success. We chatted about whether it was his competition wins or her ability to convince other players to do what was in their best interests as being the key reason behind their solid performance. As we conducted the interview from the storage room (the place where her huge confrontation with Neda played out), I asked her to recreate the scene. We also discussed how Neda and Ika’s initial alliance seemed unbreakable (as they both originally played together on Season 2) and what caused their alliance to disintegrate. I asked Ika to tell me what she thought of Kevin’s decision to use the veto on her in the Final 5 and how surprised she was that he did. Finally, we chatted about whether she felt like she owed Karen a jury vote considering how pivotal the mother of three was in saving Ika and Demetres at numerous points throughout the season.

Check out the video above!

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