DC Comics Rebirth & Lazarus Contract Part 3 Spoilers: Deathstroke #19 Has A Speed Force Powered Slade Wilson Vs. Wally West The Flash, Titans, Teen Titans & More Via Preview!

The 4-part Lazarus Contract hits Part 3 this week. If you’re interested:

It continues this week in Deathstroke #19 and concludes next week in Teen Titans: Lazarus Contract Annual #1

DC Comics Rebirth and Lazarus Contract Part 3 Spoilers for Deathstroke #19 follows.

Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke has somehow tapped into the Speed Force and is on a mission to bring his son, Grant Wilson aka the Ravager, back to life!

We also finally learn the “deal” that Deathstroke struck in the past with Dick Grayson, formerly Robin and now Nightwing, in his New Teen Titans days.

So, do these teaser pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

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