Did WWE Photoshop Pic Of New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jinder Mahal? Sans Smackdown Live Spoilers!

This article is sans / bereft Smackdown Live spoilers.

While I believe that much of the criticism of Jinder Mahal beating Randy Orton to become the 50th WWE World Heavyweight Champion is racist, WWE may be taking heed with one concern fans have raised.

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has accused Jinder Mahal of using performance enhancing drugs and pointing to Mahal’s enlarged nipples as the “tell” for that.

For the record, WWE has a very extensive wellness policy that leads to regular and surprises tests of WWE superstars. Jinder Mahal is tested regularly and has not received a wellness violation. So, performance enhancement is highly unlikely.

Anyhow, that chest “tell” appears to be gone in Mahal’s new official WWE.com photo of Smackdown Live’s new top champion.

Coincidence or WWE photoshopping? Flexing or chest at rest? You decide.

From this…

…to this.

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