Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 05.22.2017

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Jeremy Peeples

This was a thumbs in the middle, slightly towards up kind of show. No matches were amazing, but it had a solid enough build for the PPV. The women’s match is being built up slowly – although it does still seem to be paying off a last-minute change to an extreme rules match, which is hopefully paid off instead of the kendo stick on a pole. The main event tag match was fine and I loved seeing Joe be dominant. The best segment throughout the whole show though was easily Goldust’s promo. They made him look like a star once again here and with one promo, it seems like he’d fit right into the IC Title mix if they wanted. He’s got more an upside to holding the title than Dean does right now, and with his history as IC Champion, they could easily say that he’s giving it a connection to a glory period. I don’t see it happening, but it would be a lot of fun.
Rating: 6.5


Who attacked Enzo? Where is Gtv when we need it? Oh, who are we kidding, it was Big Cass as the WWE continues its mission of eliminating all tag teams. Oh, there was some okay stuff, but whoever thought making Raw seven hours is insane. What? It was only three? Man, that show was slow.
Rating: 5.0


I actually REALLY liked this show. They had direction. some solid wrestling, and they actually moved forward with storylines.
Rating – 7.0


I loved the promo with Paul Heyman and Finn Balor, but Raw still seems to be missing something this Spring.
Rating: 4.5

Total Ratings: 23
Total Reviewers: 4

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 5.8

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