DC Comics Rebirth & Lazarus Contract Part 3 Spoilers & Review: Deathstroke #19 Centers On The Fastest Killer Alive Vs. The Teen Titans, Titans & Time?

The Lazarus Contract Part 3 of 4 hit stands today building on:

This week’s Deathstroke #19 reveals the secret pact between Robin and Deathstroke from the former’s New Teen Titans days involving Deathstroke’s daughter Rose Wilson (spoilers here) as well as more biggies in the spoilers-filled review below.

This all concludes next week in Teen Titans: Lazarus Contract Annual #1

DC Comics Rebirth and Lazarus Contract Part 3 Spoilers and Review for Deathstroke #19 follow.

Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson is wearing something called an Ikon suit that has allowed him to tap into the Speedforce either by siphoning Kid Flash, Wally West’s speed, or a direct link to the Force.

He is racing with the Flash, another Wally West, and since Deathstroke is the fastest killer alive now, Wally thinks better of going toe-to-toe with Slade and bails.

At the same time, the Teen Titans fins out how Kid Flash befriended Slade and was duped by him; this Wally West seems to lose his speed as a result?

We then get a page of the fastest killer alive, not mercenary, doing his thing.

At the end, we catch up with Deathstroke who uses his new speed powers to…

…seemingly travel into the past to…

…save his son Grant Wilson, the first Ravager, before he dies!

Next week is the conclusion to the Lazarus Contract in Teen Titans Annual #1: The Lazarus Contract.


Another fast-paced issue of the Lazarus Contract. I enjoyed the human moments with Slade Wilson and his alter ego Deathstroke with all those he met up with in the issue. Lots of human drama there plus heaps of action from the fastest killer alive. Not liking him being a killer vs. a mercenary, but perhaps that is a distinction without a difference? Solid story and art. 8 out of 10.

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