Inside Pulse Scorecard for WWE Smackdown Live! 05.23.2017


A lot of nothing followed by more nothing and ending with a good main event that not even Dolph Ziggler could bring down. But really, Ziggler was in the match, why not have him take the pinfall? That seems to be his job now.
Rating: 5.0

Jeremy Peeples

The cradle a thon finishes were a bit much, but I’ve grown used to them. In one night, they made the Fashion Police seem great again and then jobbed them out – so great work there. The parade of people promo to start the show needs to end, but led to a fine little main event. The women’s stuff does nothing for me at all, but they did make Baron out to be a threat again after far too many losses. Jinder’s celebration was fine and the Comic Sans belt plates seem to sum up his in-ring style perfectly.
Rating – 6.5


Interesting booking aside, Breezango is on a roll right now, and we got a dream match for a main event. AJ/Nakamura should be amazing when they get around to it.
Rating – 5.5


Somehow WWE managed to put together a 2 hour show with 3 rollup finishes. Tag team main event of Dolph/Owens vs. AJ/Nakamura was good, the rest was not as good.
Rating: 4.5

Total Ratings: 21.5
Total Reviewers: 4

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Smackdown Live!: 5.4

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