DC Comics Rebirth & Lazarus Contract Part 4 Finale Spoilers: Teen Titans Special Annual #1 Has Deathstroke Vs. Ravager With Titans MIA Via Preview

The Lazarus Contract Part 3 of 4 hit stands today building on:

This week’s Deathstroke Teen Titans Special #1: Lazarus Contract has Part 4 and the finale for this mini-event. It is a Teen Titans Special #1 not a Teen Titans Annual #1 that was on the last page of Deathstroke #19.

Here we go with the Special.

DC Comics Rebirth and Lazarus Contract Part 4 and Finale Spoilers and Review for Teen Titans Special Annual #1 follow.


      MAJOR spoilers for Teen Titans Special #1 here.


The finale is here! Deathstroke, using the Speedforce, seemingly in the past, to save his son the Ravager from death.

Tough love from Slade Wilson to Grant Wilson!

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue?

This is all on the road to Deathstroke forming his own Teen Titans team called the Defiance.

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