Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 05.29.2017

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Some great in-ring action, which could give us a glimpse who will walk away victorious on Sunday. Graves seems to be working overtime this week confronting Angle, and call out out Cass…wonder if there is a bigger picture, or just a one-off.
Rating: 7.5


Who attacked Enzo? Where is Gtv when we need it? Oh, who are we kidding, it was Big Cass as the WWE continues its mission of eliminating all tag teams. Oh, there was some okay stuff, but whoever thought making Raw seven hours is insane. What? It was only three? Man, that show was slow.
Rating: 5.0


Really enjoyed much of Raw tonight with three long matches that delivered despite the cringe-worthy “this is your life” Bayley segment.
Rating: 7.0

Total Ratings: 19.5
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 6.5

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