WWE Raw 5/29/17 – Memorial Day Raw

John Cena narrates a memorial day video before we get the usual wacky Raw intro. Miz comes out for MizTV and talks for a while. He brags about wanting to become the seven-time IC Champion on Sunday before bringing out Sheamus and Cesaro. They don’t say anything, so Dean comes down for a brawl and then the Hardys join him. I’m sensing a six-man tag soon. Wow, who’d have thunk it – when we get back, that’s what happens. They have a fine house show match – no one really does much of anything beyond some signature stuff. Miz gets the kneeling kicks, but Dean gets 2 off a cradle. Sheamus goes at it with Dean, who escapes a super white noise. Matt hits a twist on Miz, who gets beaten by a Swanton.

Alexa’s This is Your Life on Bayley is hyped up. Kurt is backstage looking mystified at his phone. Maybe he’s wondering who made the last match. Corey shows him something that is apparently going to hurt Kurt’s run as GM. Well, if they want Corey to have this role, he’d be good at it. Elias Samson beats up a jobber to dead silence and hits the roll of the dice to win. Joe watches Finn’s intro before Bray interrupts with scary words. Bray vs. Joe vs. Balor is up and it’s really good when Joe and Balor are in it. Finn’s kicks look awesome. Bray hits a tower of doom before Joe runs wild.

Finn hits the Pele, but Joe hits the STJoe in the corner. Bray hits abigail to Joe, but Balor hits a shotgun kick to Bray. Double stomp hits Bray, but Joe steals the pin and wins it. This was good, but nothing too amazing. They at least got out of first gear for parts of it. Seth says it won’t be personal during tonight’s main event with Roman. Swann faces Dar next. Poor Sasha is now relegated to the 205 Live guys, and Swann wins with a 450 and then they dance together.

Charly interviews the Revival, who are shown as the guys who beat up Enzo. Well, wouldn’t want to get any mileage out of this or anything. We get a 205 Live recap of the amazing Tozawa and Kendrick match before Cass yells at Corey about him implying that Enzo was beaten up by Cass. Kalisto comes out to face Titus. God help us. Titus wins a short nothing match holding the tights. Alexa brings out Bayley’s first doll and mocks her for still playing with it. Then she shows a taped label trophy for sportsmanship. Alexa brings out her teacher and best friend and they talk about her dream being to be a wrestler. Bayley’s ex-boyfriend says he only dated Bayley to get with the best friend. They make out and then Bayley comes down to brawl and use kendo sticks. Thank God one is under the ring and on the ringpost. Wow, they’re actually doing that stip and it’s not just a tease for an extreme rules match. Bayley gets caned.

Cass meets with Kurt about Enzo and by golly, Enzo’s beaten up again. Cass swears more revenge, and it’s quite clear that he’s the mastermind here – but they’re doing a great job with it. Aries and Gallagher come down to face Neville and TJP. They have a good-ish match, but it’s only anything special with Aries and Neville in there. Aries gets Neville to tap out, so they’re ether actually giving the person with momentum the win on the major show or it’s business as usual and the guy who wins on TV loses.

Backstage, Roman tells a guy that he doesn’t care if they were friends or brothers, because he’ll show him why it’s his yard. Roman is such a dick! Charly interviews Neville, who is shockingly upset about being interviewed right after a loss. We get another awesome Goldust promo calling Truth selfish and he’ll put an end to it and the golden age is back. We get a blaxploitation-themed video starring Truth, because of course we do. Seth comes out to face Roman. They have a pretty good match, with a fast pace to it. Roman eats a frog splash, but avoids the phoenix splash. He avoids the rainmaker knee and hits the spear – so Seth’s new finisher is already dead. Great.