Marvel Comics & Secret Empire Spoilers: Secret Empire #3 Has 2 Heroes Turn Hydra As Mystery Of 2nd Captain Steve Rogers Deepens? Which One Is #Stevil?

That is a great cover for Secret Empire #3 by Mark Brooks. Check out another Avengers pic by the same artist.

Awesome stuff.

Anyhow, onto Secret Empire #3!

Marvel Comics and Secret Empire Spoilers for Secret Empire #3 follow.

The book opens with the summary or catch-up page…

…plus the Dramatis Personae.

We then turn to the second Steve Rogers / Captain America that debuted at the end of Secret Empire #2 gets some comic time; he feels he has a purpose and needs to be somewhere else, but not sure where.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon articulates what many within the Marvel Universe, that the evil Hydra Captain America may in fact not be the real Steve Rogers; he even comes up with a cool nickname for that Hydra Cap: Stevil.

Let’s hashtag that: #Stevil! 😉

We also see two heroes turn Hydra this issue.

The first is Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers while…

…the second hero, an anti-hero, to turn Hydra is Frank Castle the Punisher.

This last one isn’t too much a surprise as the Punisher respects Captain America’s military pedigree.

What did you think of Secret Empire #3?

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