DC Comics Rebirth & Lazarus Contract Part 4 Finale Spoilers & Review: Teen Titans Special Annual #1 Has Wally West (s), Kid Flash & Flash, At Core With Deathstroke Vs. Titans Vs. Teen Titans!

The Lazarus Contract Part 4 of 4, the finale, hit stands this week building on:

We already know, from our first look at Lazarus Contract Part 4, that the Teen Titans Special #1 has MAJOR status quo altering consequences for Deathstroke, the Teen Titans and Titans (FULL spoilers here), but how do we get there? Well, let me tell you.

DC Comics Rebirth and Lazarus Contract Part 4 Finale Spoilers and Review follow for Teen Titans Special Annual #1.

The Teen Titans and Titans team up to stop Deathstroke who stole Wally West’s, Kid Flash, powers to travel back in time to save his son the Ravager from dying.

The Teen Titans’ Robin holds Kid Flash Wally West back from the mission due to his being duped by Deathstroke.

Jericho, Deathstroke’s living son, joins the fray offering insight on his dad for the Teen Titans / Titans mission.

It looks like Kid Flash wasn’t the only one left behind; so was the new Aqualad.

Wally West, the adult Flash and member of the Titans, uses his speed to travel back in time and has the Teen Titans and Titans in his Speedforce wake. This allows the teams to come with him into the past where…

…they confront the New Teen Titans; the Titans when they were younger. Naturally modern-day Robin aggravates the New Teen Titans as…

…the adult Wally West Flash starts to disintegrate due, presumably, to action Deathstroke is or has taken in the past they just all traveled too.

In the present, Wintergreen, Deathstroke’s ally, seeks out Kid Flash and Aqualad…

…while in the past Deathstroke confronts his son the Ravager who doesn’t appreciate the intervention. Ravager still dies despite Deathstroke’s journey into the Speedforce and his new speed powers.

Somehow, in present day, Wally West Kid Flash regains his powers while…

…in the past Deathstroke blames anyone on a team with “Titans” in it for Ravager’s death.

When things don’t go his way, Deathstroke escapes into the Speedforce while…

…Nightwing shocks Wally West’s, The Flash, to disrupt his connection to Speedforce and return the present day Teen Titans and Titans home.

Both Wally Wests decide to enter the Speedforce to save Deathstroke who, without the, will be lost in there forever.

Jericho projects to Wally West The Flash, while he is in the Speedforce, the presence of his team mates so he knows he’s not alone and is supported.

Both Wally Wests find Deathstroke and…

…together, all three escape the Speedforce and return to the present.

That leaves the Teen Titans and Titans back where they were are the beginning, at odds with Deathstroke… or are they?

The last few pages of Teen Titans Special #1 has massive status quo altering changes for Deathstroke, the Teen Titans and Titans (spoilers here).


Overall, I enjoyed all 4 parts of Lazarus Contract, but found this last part the most confusing, or more accurately put, vertigo inducing of all the previous issues; this was primarily due to all the past and present scenes and the sheer cast involved here. That said, the art was solid, and where the book ends for the Teen Titans, Titans and Deathstroke is exciting, despite the journey to get there in this finale being just too frenetic. Due to the dizzying events of the issue, if I missed anything or misunderstood any part, feel free to share your feedback, thoughts and/or corrections. 7 out of 10.

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