10 Thoughts on NXT – Sanity, Roderick Strong, U.K. Championship

1. It’s NXT time and we kick off with a new opening video montage which is pretty great. As the commentators ramble on Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out on crutches to address the crowd.

2. Dueling chants give way to boos as Ciampa calls Gargano to the ring, then points out that Johnny isn’t here this week because of what happened at Takeover Chicago. He talks about going into the match injured and further hurting his knee, and how he was worried about being replaced. The promo goes on a little long, to be honest, and makes the Sicilian psychopath look like a bit of a whiner, then he brings it all together and finishes strong. He’s going away for a while to heal, but when he comes back he’s going to be a nightmare for everyone in NXT.

3. Another U.K. Championship match tonight as Danny Burch takes on champ Pete Dunne in what promises to be a hard hitting contest.

4. Bobby Roode interview in the back of a car where he talks about going to an exclusive party rather than coming to work. Okay then.

5. Now it’s time for Danny Burch to take on the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, and there is no way that man-chud is losing the belt this quickly. The action starts out slowly as both men look for an opening, then Dunne uses some classic heel tactics to take control. Back from the break Dunne continues to punish Burch, who makes a brief comeback before falling victim to an inverted X-plex. Dunne picks up the win in another good match.

6. Pete Dunne says things after the match, and apparently history will remember him. Then we get an interview with the Velveteen Dream, who complains about the lighting and leaves. Better than watching him wrestle I suppose.

7. Next up Andrade Cien Almas continues his rebuild phase as he takes on big Brazilian Cazar Bononi. Basically an extended squash with Almas beating on Bononi until the big man picks up the win with a surprise roll up. Almas seems strangely happy after the match.

8. Now we get a weird bit where the Aussie Mean Girls are now bitchy interior designers who specialize in gyms, along with the news that Ember Moon is now cleared to wrestle. Then we see Hideo Itami throwing a locker room tantrum after his loss to Bobby Roode as Kassius Ohno and Oney Lorkin try to calm him down. And now Itami is facing Lorkin next week, because screw you for trying to help, Oney.

9. Our main event of the evening is Sanity taking on the team of Roderick Strong and Kassius Ohno. EY and Alexander Wolfe are representing Sanity with Killian Dane on the outside, and then my WWE Network app goes to shit for a while. Smart TV my ass. Anyway, back at NXT Kassius Ohno is your face in peril, getting taken out by Dane and then beaten down some more by EY and Wolfe. Strong finally gets the hot tag and decimates Sanity, but EY saves the pin.  No Way Jose comes out to neutralize Dane, which gives Strong the chance to hit his finisher and pick up the pinfall on Young.

10. Okay, so we’re back to Sanity vs Strong and two random guys, who happen to be Kassius Ohno and No Way Jose (again). I can deal with that. Overall a decent episode of NXT if a little light on in-ring action.

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