Blu-ray Review: Solace

The tagline on the Solace DVD reads “How do you stop a killer that can read your mind?” – and that is not entirely accurate. The killer in this film can see the future, so can John (Anthony Hopkins) a retired cop who doesn’t want to get involved. But his friend Joe (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) brings him in on a very unique serial killer case. Joe’s partner, Katherine (Abbie Cornish) doesn’t believe in psychics and thinks that John is liar. But what she’ll see will change her mind.

Solace is a solid genre flick. It’s not great, but it is by no means bad. At times it feels like a run of the mill direct-to-DVD movie, but the performances from all involved elevate this film much higher than it has any right to be. Morgan is fantastic as Joe. Everyone knows him now as Neegan from The Walking Dead, here we get to see his charm in full effect, with out all the head bashing. Joe is an FBI agent who will stop at nothing to get his man, if he can only figure out who he is. Hopkins sells John, even when he’s saying stuff that would sound silly coming out of any other actor’s mouth. If you don’t believe in psychics, he makes you want to. Cornish is also solid as Katherine. She’s a tough as nails agent who easily holds her own against Morgan and Hopkins.

Then there is Colin Farrell. His name and face are on the cover of the box so it’s no surprise that he’s in the film, and after a few minutes it’s easy to guess that he’s probably going to be the killer. But it’s still a pleasant surprise when he finally shows his face. Farrell isn’t your run of the mill serial killer, he has a solid reason for doing what he’s doing and I don’t want to spoil that reveal here. But it opens up some interesting philosophical conversations about life and death that you wouldn’t expect from a film like this. Plus you have two characters who can see the future playing against one another, and that part is pretty well done.

The editing feels a little sloppy, and as I already said, the film has that direct-to-DVD feel. It is the story and the acting that elevates the film to some pretty quality entertainment. It’s got some solid surprises and twists and leaves you thinking when the film is over.

I had no expectations going into this film, the cast was what drew to me Solace, and I was pretty pleasantly surprised by what I saw. It’s not going to win any awards or anything, but for a low budget thriller with a top notch cast, it makes for an entertaining evening.

The film is presented in a 2.40:1 aspect ratio and Dolby 5.1 DTS-HD audio. This is an okay looking film. The director does some interesting stuff visually from time to time, but nothing really jumps out at you as amazing.

Extras include: Visions and Voices: The Making of Solace (9 min.) and Director Audio Commentary.

Solace was a bit of a pleasant surprise. It didn’t blow me away, but it kept me interested. Even my wife who planned on doing her own thing ended up getting drawn into the film. If you’re a fan of any of the actors in this film, they all give great performances that are worth checking out.

Lionsgate presents Solace. Written by Sean Bailey and Ted Griffin. Directed by Afonso Poyart. Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, and Colin Farrell. Running time: 102 min. Rating: R for violence and bloody images throughout, sexuality, nudity and language. Released on Blu-Ray: March 14, 2017.

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