WWE Raw 6/5/17 Recap – Joe vs. Seth Rollins

Main event highlights from Extreme Rules start things off before a Joe vs. Lesnar graphic is shown. Bray is mid-ring to ramble before Roman comes down to wrestle him. They have a pretty fast-paced match until Bray slows things down with a chinlock. Bray catches him off the Superman punch and gets 2 off a uranage. Bray eats a Superman punch and then the spear ends it – this was Bray’s best match in months outside of last night’s main event.

Cass says that he would never attack Enzo, and he’ll be watching Enzo’s back tonight to make sure nothing happens. Bayley vs. Alexa is recapped and she pitches a This is My Life thing to Kurt, which he nixes because last week’s skit was terrible. He says that she promised Nia a shot and she freaks out. The Drifter sings before Dean comes out and they brawl. Miz distracts Dean and he lays out Dean with the neckbreaker. Joe cuts an intense promo before Heyman puts Joe over for beating four of the best in the world last night. Paul finds a way to make “the Great Balls of Fire Pay-Per-View” work and says that Joe leaves wreckage everywhere he goes. Joe puts Paul in the corner and they have a great, rarely-seen organic conversation in the corner. There’s no mic, Joe just threatens him with violence and he chokes him out after telling him to tell Brock what the choke feels like. This was outstanding!

Seth calls out Joe for attacking Heyman, and Kurt makes a match. Sheamus and Cesaro come out to demolish Slater and Rhyno. Neville and TJP chat backstage, but TJP is upset. TJP faces Mustafa Ali with a dead crowd and he beats Ali with the detonation kick. Neville comes out and jumps TJP after the match. Goldust cuts another intense promo, and goes back to quoting movies. This revamped Goldust works and it works incredibly well. Dana, Sasha, and Mickie converse before Alexa begs for help with Nia. Corey is told by Kurt that he needs to see him now. Corey goes back and he won’t answer any questions.

Kalisto and his rather great theme come out before Kurt tells a guy backstage that this is a private matter and leaves. Dean comes back into the building and now it’s time for Kalisto vs. Titus. Oh boy. Kalisto beats Titus via a tights pull. Miz and Maryse walk backstage and we see Cass fallen and worse, he’s underneath a metal truss! Cass gives him a chain and Enzo says that’s the same chain that hit him. Maryse is mid-ring for a Miz celebration, with a lot of gold crap and a guy in a teddy bear outfit. I bet Maryse didn’t spot-check that guy before he came out. Miz jumps the bear and it’s revealed to be a jobber after he eats a Finale. Miz beats up a giant box with a chair and drops an elbow on it. Okay, this is hilarious. It’s revealed that he has destroyed a grandfather clock and she is oh so disappointed. Dean reveals that he was playing the camera man and beats up Miz.

Enzo comes out and has Show as his backup. He wants him to play along with the sing along promo to face the Club, and Show beats them up for him. The rocket launcher gets the win and it’s time for Nia vs. Bliss. Cass blames Show for the attack, and he denies it. Truth cuts an intense blaxploitation promo on Goldust. Alexa chats about Nia, she comes out before Mickie and Brooke walked to the ring and Jax ragolled Alexa, who got punched by the faces and won by DQ. Nia beats up folks and then Brock calls Heymana nd says he’ll be there next weel. Seth and Joe have a really fast-paced match. It’s an all-action affair with Seth hitting his superkick and falcon arrow, but falling prey to the coquina choke thanks to a Bray distraction.


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