Impact Wrestling 6/8/17 – Lashley vs. Moose and Alberto vs. Adonis

Bruce Prichard tells Josh and JB that they’re acting like jackasses, and they get physical, they’ll be fired. We get a video package of them touring Mumbai and artsy shots of them shooting the turnbuckle and ring with Jeff Jarrett doing some instructions. Alberto is out with this GFW Title and he chats before Lashley comes out to talk before Alberto responds, but gets talked over by Bruce’s theme. Bruce says that he’s going to pick two guys and one man will face Lashley for his title and one will face Alberto for his title.

Bruce chats with the Mumbai Cats backstage and plugs his podcast. They want to face the champions from the opening segment, okay. Caleb Konley is out to face Low-Ki. The crowd chants for Low-Ki , who chops and kicks away while the crowd goes crazy. Low-Ki lands a nasty warrior’s way in the ropes and wins it. Sonjay comes out and talks about being a 21 year old punk who faced him in ROH and now they’re on his turf, and not in Ki’s. He wants a match with him and will get it. Swoggle talks about his son asking what happened to him. All righty. Davey demolishes a jobber and beats him with a PK and an ankle lock. EC3 beats up the jobber with his belt before Storm makes a save.

Bruce chats with Eli about how he was robbed in the Grand Title match before Adonis says that they want to face the World Champions tonight. They talk about the Hall of Fame announcement for the PPV. Low-Ki vs. Dutt is made for next week and we see Shera chat about his family being here. We get a skit with JB and Park and Park sees JB at the corporate office before doing a great plug for the event. We get some wacky sitcom music and JB plays the part of Hogan while JB is Gene in their wacky skits 30 years ago. And that’s it.

It’s time for the TNA World Title match, with Lashley coming out first and then Moose comes out – with JB doing the “Moose” hand signal to the fans so they’ll do it for him. Whoops. They have a reasonably long match with nothing of note, and Lashley ducks the Game Changer and lands a spear to win. LAX skit with Konnan saying that with two titles, Impact HAS to pay attention to them. They fought for their people and won. What a nice bunch of drug runners and pimps they are. Rockstar Spud chats about how traveling isn’t the most fun thing in wrestling, but it’s what you put up with to live your dream. Well, that filled some time.

LVN comes out and Josh talks about how she flew over here privately and her dad owns a place here in Mumbai. Rosemary comes out with “Vengeance” written on her stomach and licks the title. They have basically a comedy match with LVN kicking her down, then running around making airplane motions leading to Rosemary doing a kneeling version of Taker’s situp, an exploder, and wins with a cradle. Allie comes down but Sienna and LVN beat her up. KM chats to Bruce about wanting to face Alberto because he’s undefeated and the number one contender. Bruce says that isn’t the case and KM asks if he’s lying. Okay, that’s the best usage of this deal yet.

Park and JB do wacky exercises, and also expose JB’s bald spot. We get some comedy with Park getting bonked with a medicine ball while JB falls off the treadmill. Park gets him fired up by showing Titans Stadium and tries to get JB used to heights because the company was forged on the X division, so he’s going to teach him dives. JB belly flops with the best of them and Park asks if he’s alive. This is tremendous. Adonis comes out to face Alberto in a shirt and they have a total nothing match. He calls for the “Masterlock”, but it gets countered and Alberto traps him with the double stomp to win. Eli comes out, but Moose makes a save. Okay then.

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