The Rising Popularity of the Sport of Cloud Chasing

The increasing popularity of dry vape australia isn’t hard to understand—vaping helps you get the most value possible from the herb that you have while delivering a smooth, pleasant hit through an easy draw. There are tons of options out there and no shortage of imitators, either. Finding one that provides the performance you want is a matter of personal taste, budget, and accessibility.

Why Is Everyone Chasing Clouds?

There can be no doubt by now that e-cigarette cloud chasing is quickly becoming very popular. Cloud chasing competitions have gone beyond the realm of a hobbyist event. It is now an official “thing.”

An “Extreme Sport”

Indeed, even the Wall Street Journal has deemed it an “extreme sport.” Why? Much like any other extreme sport, it has a noteworthy fan base, event personalities that are marketable and money.

While vaporizers first hit the US market in the late 1990s, it was not until 2013 that vaping took off with consumers. Today it is now a big business bringing in billions of dollars. Hence, the marketing potential by itself is enough of a justification to further promote the growth of cloud chasing and cloud chasing competitions.

Corporations have come forward in droves to further cloud chasing competitors with sponsorships. Mind you, this “extreme sport” is still in its infancy, too. Still, the businesses are already reaping significant benefits from their numerous sponsorship deals.

Social Media Makes A Difference

Social media also plays a part here. When related videos go viral on social media, the worldwide viewership can put even a hit TV show to shame. The kicker here is, the costs of the social media involved are comparatively very little.

Competitors are apparently happy winning prizes of anywhere from between $250.00 to $2,000.00. Potential sponsors are even happier that this is not a significant upfront charge for the publicity. The attention and traffic via social media, however, can be huge. Hence, corporations are more than willing to sponsor cloud chasing competitors and the competitions themselves.

Everyone “Wins”

Owners of more than 8,5000 vaping shops and any other businesses that can sell vaping products such as a the newest vape drip tank, consider the move to keep the popularity of e-cigarette cloud chasing going as a true “no-brainer.” Even if the upfront cost of holding a competition costs a bit, the majority of the overhead costs is pretty much already written off.

For example, the owner of a vape shop would have to pay his monthly lease on his shop whether he held a competition or not. Additionally, cloud chasing competitions generally draw the best customers in the industry. Furthermore, vaping is considered by some to be “an art form.” Thus it quite easily led to cloud chasing and cloud gazing.

The Art Of Making Money

Therefore, vapers who are truly “serious” about their art, have an open mind to purchasing any vaping product that will improve their ability and help them reach their personal goals regarding this extreme sport. This mindset establishes true vapers as what some call a “hostage audience” with cloud chasing being what one might refer to as “a real-time” product showcase. It has also been reported that cloud gazers are also oftentimes rather impressionable as consumers, too, and will often buy whatever vaporizers top cloud chasing “athletes” employ.

They see the product used and will buy it right there at the competition. That’s why smart vaping retailers align specific product promotions with the e-devices that are used by the big cloud chasers. The top cloud chasers create clouds that are sometimes six feet wide and three feet high–which cannot be done with traditional cigarettes.

Why Else Is Cloud Chasing Popular?

Cloud chasing may also be popular simply because vaping is generally considered to be healthier than smoking real cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes contain nicotine. Vapers today can choose zero-nicotine options and enjoy the ever-broadening choice of flavors too.

This Is Not Your Father’s Competition

Finally, the rising popularity of e-cigarette cloud chasing can be also be attributed to the friendly fellowship found at various vaping activities. Even with the competitions, it is said by veteran vapors to be a “cooperative competition.” The main purpose of cloud chasing competitions is not so much to defeat all one’s opponents as in other more traditional sports.


The main purpose of cloud chasing competitions is more along the lines of pursuing perfection. They may never achieve perfection but they enjoy trying. Ergo, it’s really all about the fun and the profit.

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