10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor June 10, 2017 (Chuck Taylor Debuts, Jay White, Kushida versus Marty Scurll!)

Thought Zero – Looking forward to this week’s Ring of Honor television hour as the main event will showcase Marty Scurll versus Kushida for the ROH TV title. Let’s get to it!

1) We start with six-man tag team action. The Young Bucks and Hangman Page are taking on Roppongi Vice with a mystery partner. I will be honest, I am not sure I understand the dynamic between Roppongi Vice. It always seems like Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta always seem like they are on the verge of breaking up. Or are they just goofing on each other all the time? Is that a storyline that is ongoing over in Japan or something? It seems a little weird.

2) The mystery partner turns out to be Chuck Taylor, aka Chuckie T, aka The Kentucky Gentleman. Chuck Taylor, of course, is an indie darling who has been around for about 15 years. He is pretty darn good in the ring and makes a very impressive debut here. Too much action to call, but the whole thing seems like a showcase for Taylor, which is not a bad thing at all. Chuckie T gets the victory with an Omega Driver (which he also calls the Awful Waffle for some reason) on one of the Jacksons. If this means that Taylor will be with Ring of Honor for a while, I am good with that.

3) My only complaint with the debut of Chuck Taylor is that we didn’t get to see his devastating grenade move.

Think that was bad? It is even more devastating in slow motion –

4) We get a a promo from Jay White where he talks about his journey and stuff. Pretty basic stuff really, but it is good to at least get some feel for Jay White as a character rather than just a young punk in need of a scrunchie. After a minute or two, the promo turns into a challenge to Punishment Martinez who apparently jumped him after a match a few weeks ago. I don’t think that is going to go very well for White.

5) We return to action with The Rebellion (Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor) versus Search and Destroy (Jay White and Jonathan Gresham). This dumb feud has been going on forever and I still don’t get it. Why are these factions fighting again? And isn’t it about time for them to just have a big match and finish this thing? I mean, the Motor City Machineguns should be going after the Young Bucks’ titles, White seems to have an issue with Martinez, Gresham could be kicking ass in the TV title hunt. In addition, The Rebellion could go after tag gold, or even six-man tag gold, and Kenny King is probably due a nice singles run.

6) Alex Shelley come down to the ring with Gresham and White because he and Chris Sabin are the “leaders” of Search and Destroy. But Shelley decides to join the commentary desk instead of countering Caprice Coleman’s outside interference. His reason? Apparently he promised Gresham and White they could handle this on their own. So why even come out to the ring? Come on, Shelley, you can come up with a better excuse than that.

7) Eventually, Kenny King comes out to interfere and Shelley finally goes to try to help. King gets the upper hand though, so Chris Sabin comes out from the back to help. Why wasn’t he out there already? The referee decides enough is enough and throws out the match. But wait, Search and Destroy stand in the ring and challenge The Rebellion to a 4-on-4 match at Best in the World and the losing faction has to disband. They probably could have done that endgame a few PPVs ago, but this will work.

8) Marty Scurll’s entrance is probably the best in the business right now. It’s reaching Undertaker levels of great in my mind. But he really should stop opening that umbrella indoors. That’s some bad luck there. Some nice chain wrestling and reversals to start things off as they establish these two are very evenly matched. The crowd is cheering for both guys as well. It’s not really a split crowd though. Everyone seems to be cheering for both Scurll and Kushida. Interesting.

9) Scurll gets knocked to the outside and he gets a couple ring workers to check on him. Kushida dives off the top rope to the floor and Marty slips out, letting Kushida crash into the two workers. Nice. The match continues with Kushida and Scurll trading the advantage and the crowd is loving it. Everyone goes nuts when Kushida does a springboard into the ropes but Scurll jumps up onto his back and locks in the chicken wing crossface. That was sweet.

10) Kushida flips out of the chicken wing and puts on the hoverboard lock. Scurll fights out and snaps the fingers as he does. Then, as Scurll is setting up for the chicken wing again, the lights go out. When they come back on, Adam Cole is standing on the ring apron wearing Scurll’s hat, mask, and jacket. This gives Kushida an opportunity and he hits a DDT followed up with a fisherman’s brainbuster and gets the win. Kushida is great, so I have no problem with him holding the belt. And having Scurll lose like this keeps him strong. But this sort of seemed like a continuation of a feud between Cole and Scurll (and Bullet Club). But with Cole on his way out, things sort of just end here probably. It just could be more, you know.

Overall, another very worthy episode of Ring of Honor television. Thanks for reading. Until next week…

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