WWE Raw 6/13/17 Recap – Hardys vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

Brock and Paul start things off with Paul talking about being fooled by Joe, but now, someone will finally give Brock a fight! Heyman talks about the history of Samoans in wrestling, and the crazy thing is that they all know each other and they’re proud – except for Joe. He’s the one Samoan that none of them want anything to do with. Joe came down and they had the best staredown since well, Joe vs. Angle in TNA. They brawl for a bit and yeah, they’ve got something special here. This was outstanding. Sheamus and Cesaro face the Hardys tonight in a 2/3 falls match for the titles.

The Drifter sings and we get a recap of Dean vs. Miz’s issues from last week before Samson vs. Dean. Not much before the break, but Maryse trips up Dean so Elias drops a knee and wins with the inverted swinging DDT. Goldust cuts another intense promo about being too bizarre for the fans – or maybe he just makes them feel uncomfortable. Miz wants Dean fired, but Kurt says he won’t. Cedric hype video leads to him chatting with Dar and him talking to Alicia via facetime. Cedric wins with the lumbar check instantly and we get Alicia being annoying constantly via facetime throughout it.

Bray comes out to say a bunch of words and then talks about how Seth slayed a king. Seth goes to talk, but Bray disappears before reappearing on the tron. Okay then. RoboCharly chats with the Hardys about the match. Crews vs. Kalisto is up again. Kalisto lands the kneeling frankendriver for 2. Crews lands the torture rack bomb and gets the win for the Titus Brand. Tozawa claps and it’s selfie time. They grab him and surprise him for the selfie. Heath and Rhino go to eat crackers before Miz begs for help. They want Heath to help them and eat caviar and not eat Cheez Wiz with a loser. Rhino wants a tag match with Heath against Miz and a partner. Rhino disgustingly eats a bunch of crackers.

Alexa comes out and Nia chats with her. Alexa blames Mickie and Dana for Nia not getting a shot. They all ramble before Emma returns. Alexa blames her too for Nia not getting a shot. And then Sasha comes down too, they brawl and then it’s six person tag time. Emma taps to the Bank statement. Great return for her. Bayley chats with Corey and says she’ll do what’s best for her and she’ll just be herself from now on. Bayley wants a hug and gets it.

Rhino and Heath come out to face Heath and the bear from last week. Corey says the bear is the enforcer of the animal kingdom and that his sources told him that Big John Cub is the 100 acre woods bare knuckle fighting champion. The bear gets a big chant. Miz goes at it with everyone before THE BEAR TAGS IN AND PAWS AWAY. THE BEARHUG IS ON! He lays out Heath with Dirty Deeds and then Miz is knocked into Maryse, who is sent to the floor ass-first. Corey expresses concern over the injured posterior. Miz is either angry her hurt her ass or her feelings – possibly both. Dean lays out Miz and Heath wins.

Neville beats up Swann and cuts a promo. Cass is beaten up again backstage. Cass comes out to team with Enzo against the Club, but he can’t do much and Enzo eats the fall to the Magic Killer. They go to beat up Enzo again, but Show makes a save and hugs Enzo. Cass looks angry – so now he has a valid reason to be mad at Enzo in hindsight. We get another blaxploitation promo from Truth saying he’s mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore – and Goldust is GONNA GET GOT! Show meets with Enzo and says that Cass has gotten to Enzo, and he says that Cass is SAWFT.

We get a recap of the Joe-Brock brawl and Joe says that he sent Heyman home last week with the injuries he plans to incur to Brock. Joe’s intensity is incredible. Sheamus and Cesaro come out to face the Hardys. Sheamus beats Jeff in a minute with a kick. Matt lands a side effect on the apron to Sheamus and beats Cesaro with a twist to get a fall.  Jeff swantons Sheamus, but Cesaro pulls Sheamus out. Jeff hits a running belly flop to them on the floor off the apron. They brawl outside for a double countout – so it’s a tie.

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