DC Comics Rebirth & Doomsday Clock Spoilers? Rise & Fall Of Captain Atom #6 Sets Stage For Doctor Manhattan / Watchmen Vs Superman / DC & Dark Nights: Metal Too?

I have said for some time that I anticipate Captain Atom will play a critical role in Doomsday Clock event (with the top 5 spoilers / reveals for that here) which is billed as Doctor Manhattan vs. Superman, or perhaps more accurately (?), The Watchmen vs. DC Rebirth event of the Fall.

(Classic Captain Atom)

As context, Captain Atom inspired Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen and Dr. Manhattan is appears to be responsible for creating the New 52 after Flashpoint by stealing time so that a new world was created. This was all leading The Watchmen Rebirth via Doomsday Clock.

(Classic Doctor Manhattan)

In his pre-New 52 DC Comics persona, Captain Atom in the modern era was for years was a blue hued atomic hero which resembled Doctor Manhattan. It makes sense that DC Comics would want to revitalize the Captain Atom character in the Dc Rebirth era. Changing his costume to a different color (in this case red/purple/pink) so that he is visually dissimilar from Doctor Manhattan makes sense.

(DC Comics Rebirth modern era Captain Atom)

With that onto the issue at hand!

DC Comics Rebirth and Doomsday Clock Spoilers (?) for the Rise and the Fall Of Captain Atom #6 follow.

In 2008 it appears one of the clients for Max Thrane, who would become Ultramax in modern day, was General Wade eiling of the Captain Atom project!

He’s after General Eiling as he doesn’t know who turned him over the cops back in the day.

Captain Atom continues to wonder who is the anonymous source who revealed to him that he had a son named Kenji with his deceased wife.

When Captain Atom and Ultramax, both quantum powered characters, phased through each other they understood more about each other. It also inspired Ultramax to kidnap Kenji to lure General Eiling and Captain Atom out.

At the rendezvous there is a prisoner of exchange of sorts; Kenji for General Eiling. As the General attacks after Kenji is with Captain Atom who whisks him hopefully to safety.

Captain Atom returns and attacks Ultramax and…

…protects General Eiling from Max’s quantum fury.

However, Captain Atom turns the tables on Ultramax and the battle is over.

The book, and mini-series, ends with Doctor Heinrich Megala of the Captain Atom project, or Project Resurrection, sharing with General Eiling that Kenji has inherited his dad’s quantum powers.

We also learn that its Dr. Megala who is Captain Atom’s secret informant; he also let’s Atom know of his son’s powers.

It looks like all is right in the world as Captain Atom is accepted by the Justice League as is “a” Hawkman….

…leaving many to wonder if Captain Atom will show up in Dark Nights: Metal as well as Doomsday Clock?


A dynamic concluding issue. The art was decent, not great, but decent, and served the story. I like where Captain Atom and his son are at the end of this mini-series. 6.5 out of 10.

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