Impact Wrestling 6/15/17 Recap – Dutt vs. Low-Ki for the X Title

Low-Ki vs. Sonjay is hyped up and the show will start off with a gauntlet battle royal for a the Sony Six trophy. Suicide and Sydal go at it for a bit, before Davey comes down to wrestle Sydal. KM comes down and the heels beat the faces down. Swoggle goes for Kobashi chops on the heels, which fails. Eddie comes in and sends Davey and himself out with a Cactus clothesline. Spud and Swoggle go at it before Kongo comes in. Spud is eliminated and he eliminates Spud. Moose is in and gets tossed out by Kongo and KM. Shera comes in with his parents in the crowd and he wins with the Sky High – as he should. Sony execs and Bruce Prichard come down to present him with the trophy. Josh is dressed like a backyarder and says he’ll wrestle tonight in the main event. JB says that the actual main event is Sonjay vs. Low-Ki.

Sonjay talks about his kids being able to watch him wrestle for the title in India. JB and Park sing Smashmouth and eat at China King Buffet. LAX is in the hood and says that they can’t go to India due to priors and they’re going to rob wrestling promotions. We get Broken Universe-style clips hyping up what happens next week. EC3 comes out as E-Singh-3 with a citar version of his theme. He says his great great great great great great grandfather was born in India! He bullies his interpreter into saying he’s a golden god, so he beats him up with a belt until Storm saves him. We get footage from earlier today of Spud short-shaming Swoggle.

Josh comes out to spar and hits a kneelift before landing an okay swanton and winning with the Steiner recliner. Josh goes to beat the jobber up before Shera makes a save. Lashley jumps him and then Alberto makes a save. Thank God even more people needed to be thrown into this Josh-JB angle so they can actually get TV time. Park does action figure practice and cuts Scott’s math promo before showing a Youtube chance of Scott Steiner’s math right off of Youtube despite TNA actually having the masters. Park says he’s as tough as a shit brickhouse before JB corrects him and Park re-corrects him. Okay then. Braxton Sutter squashes Trevor Lee with a swinging fisherman suplex.

Sienna and LVN mock Braxton for wearing a beanie in 150 degree weather. They threaten her by saying that Rosemary’s last two friends disappeared. We get a Low-Ki hype video before a Lashley hype video. Moose comes out and then Adonis and Drake come down for a brawl. Moose sends them packing and says he’ll announce his PPV partner next week. Scott Steiner threatens Park via Skype. X Title time and we start off with a walk and brawl before Sonjay tosses him off of the bleachers into the apron. Low-Ki hits a double stomp for two, but falls do a DDT and a splash to end it. Nothing too amazing here, but they told the story of Sonjay’s journey fairly well.