Capsule Review – Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1 [SPOILERS]

Capsule Review – Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1 [SPOILERS]

While the flagship series is on hiatus between arcs, several creators are coming together to tell three new tales of the Bitch Planet universe, from (so far) entirely new characters. Each story is self-contained, and this is a perfect jump-on point for new readers as well as extra goodness for long-time fans. Fair warning though, spoilers ahead.

Windows by Cheryl Lynn Eaton & Maria Frohlich

Here we meet Lupita, a medical worker on Bitch Planet. While dealing with an unruly inmate, a colleague makes a snap judgement overriding Lupita’s call, and in the aftermath, Lupita loses her position. Though, she never wavers that she made the right call.

Right off the bat I noticed something I may have missed in previous issues: are there other women workers on Bitch Planet, specifically in authority and educated roles like a medical worker? It’s been awhile since I’ve read the early issues so it’s possible I am forgetting a couple things, but this time it really stood out to me. The art for this story conveyed a special “creep” factor, as the inmate’s eyes are almost constantly on you. Overall, a very good start for a great issue.

Without and Within by Andrew Aydin & Joanna Estep

Speaking of “creep” factor, this story best conveys the daily life of a woman in this patriarchy. Now we meet Anna, and up-and-coming secretary now working for a lawyer who must give an important speech today. While Anna is fetching his speech, another lawyer creeps on and distracts her, making her late to return to her boss. While he manages to worm his way through, Anna is not so fortunate.

While this series is meant to satirize, this story rings a little too real to be considered exaggeration. I also appreciated the artwork meshing with the tone of the story; Anna’s wide and shining eyes capturing her naivete, while the men’s narrow and beady stare display their focus to what they want.

The Invisible Woman by Conley Lyons & Craig Yeung with Marco D’Alfonso

While Anna may be guilty of a little naivete, that particular trait is certainly our next character’s downfall in a big way, but her lesson learned becomes her new strength. Meet Leslie, a stock-marketeer looking for her next promotion. When her boss turns her down, she is heartbroken. But a chance meeting in the street and quick inspiration lead her towards redemption, and she’s not done yet.

One thing that got to me about this story was not the way Leslie’s boss acted towards her but how the other woman in the office did. In these previous stories, we’ve seen other women demote, lay blame on, and advise our protagonists to keep their head down and do their work (not exactly said that nice, wither), but this woman openly mocked her peer along with her boss. I know ever in this world there isn’t a “all women stick together” attitude, but to shrug off her ambition and mock openly is just cold. But as we saw, Leslie got her comeuppance in her way.

In addition to these stories, this first issue includes a few essays and letters, as well as creator bios! This is a great start to what is sure to be some of the best work put out this year. And all this for only $3.99! I know I’m going to be watching out for these writers and artists more in the future.

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