DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Superman #25 Teases The Future & Other Worlds? Plus Superboy Black & Lois Lane’s Leg Amputation Explained?!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Superman #25 follows.

The below is one of the best comic book covers, let alone Superman covers, I’ve seen in years. Bravo Ryan Sook!

Superman #25 opens with Superboy, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, being controlled by Manchester Black. So it is Superboy Black vs. Superman et al!

The Kent’s neighbor Katie explains what Manchester Black is doing; he’s controlling Superboy, but also amping up his powers.

Pretty cool scene with Batman vs. Superboy Black and with father and son to end the page.

Superman tells Batman that he knows this scenario, an out of control Superboy, was what he feared, but Batman says that he can tell that Superboy is open to listening to Superman if he gets him away from all the chaos.

Superboy is fighting Manchester Black’s control and he knows he’s strong; that is the cue for Superman giving his son some tough love.

Superman’s shove of son somehow causes them to see the future with Damian Wayne / Robin as Batman and some other future or other world with another Superman and an indigenous wife?

This look at different world or the future caps off Superboy’s internal struggle against Manchester Black with…

…the revelation that his mom’s leg was never violently lost. It was Manchester Black’s mind games to break Superboy.

With his neighbor Katie, an alien, Superboy and her take down Manchester Black with a blast of some kind.

Then one tidy pages sums up the battle outcome and this arc. Manchester Black is in a coma and Katie with her family of aliens seek forgiveness for spying in plain sight. They want to help rebuild the town. And, they do.

And, Superboy has a girlfriend now at the end of it all.


An entertaining issue written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Lots of action, drama and sci-fi’ish elements I love in a Superman story. The art by Dough Mahnke and Patrick Gleason felt inconsistent in the issue. From flashes of dynamism to seemingly heavy handed and sloppy line work. However, both covers were strong on the art-side particularly Ryan Sook’s. That said, the story carries the day to an 8 out of 10.

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