DVD Review – Bones (Season 12)

It’s always interesting to see how a lengthy show chooses to end. Most shows don’t get the luxury of a farewell season; most times as a television viewer all you can hope for is a final episode that somehow manages to wrap everything up before it ends. The plus side of Bones getting a farewell season is that it was able to part on its own terms.

After twelve seasons and fairly consistent ratings, the show deserved that.

Simple premise: a forensic anthropologist (Emily Dechanel) and an FBI agent (David Boreanaz) team up to solve crimes under the umbrella of the fictional Jeffersonian Institute. They get the corpses of long dead folk, most times barely skin and bone left, and have to figure out who killed them and how. Throw in some big bads, and the occasional interfamilial story, and the show was a cross of a crime procedural and Moonlighting clone.

This season is a 12 episode wrap up, nothing more, as we get closure to everything outstanding from season 11. A good way to look at how this season wraps up is remembering how Burn Notice wrapped up. That show crammed several seasons into one final one, with a finale that gave you as much as one could expect. This has that same vibe as the curtain closes on the Bones universe; we get a wrap up of everything and a requisite happy ending for almost everyone.

A gag reel and a retrospective are included as extras.

20th Century Fox presents Bones (Season 11). Starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. Running time: 502 minutes Not Rated. Released on: 6.13.17

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