Impact Wrestling 6/22/17 Recap – EC3 and Lashley vs. Alberto and Storm

The show begins with a recap of last week’s Low-Ki vs. Sonjay Dutt main event and Sonjay talking about how special this moment was. Sienna tells LVN that she isn’t in the building and that she needs to focus before patting her on the head. Trevor Lee, Eddie, Davey, Suicide, Sydal, and Sutter are in the ring for a giant cluster-y multi-man match. It’s a Sony Six-Way elimination match, and features a big dive for an ad break. Lee cheats to beat Braxton. Eddie and Davey go at it, but Suicide locks an octopus hold on Lee. Everyone changes big kicks before Davey hits Sydal with an exploder. Davey uses a chair on Eddie, leading to him being DQed – this is possibly the first DQ on TNA TV in several years.

Davey goes for a running chairshot, but Eddie turns it on him and hits a fisherman suplex on the chairs on the floor. Lee and Sydal go at it and Sydal gets 2 off a rana. Lee hits a Superman punch for 2. Sydal hits a high kick and wins with the shooting star press to gain momentum for the PPV. Bruce and Sony 6 execs give him a tiny trophy. EC3 and Lashley vs. Storm and Alberto is hyped up as tonight’s main event. Spud and Swoggle nearly get into a fight on the streets of India. Allie is backstage worried over Rosemary not being here yet. Lashley talks about being from a military family, so he’s used to all the change that TNA has had this past year.

JB fires up Joseph Park and says that things aren’t over – and if the company can survive with Josh as the lead announcer, then they can win! Sienna and LVN come out, while Rosemary doesn’t come out with Allie. She emerges under the apron and jumps the heels. KM and BS brawl on the floor. Sienna hits a German and an LVN curb stomp ends it. This of all things was Rosemary’s first pinfall loss in the company. DW hypes up the PPV.

Sonjay celebrates on the streets before we get an LAX skit and talks about taking belts and money. LAX beats up some team and they steal money. Shera and Sonjay celebrate before Low-Ki comes out to congratulate him. He wants a rematch and Sonjay agrees and makes it a PPV match with 2/3 falls attached. Low-Ki beats up Shera and Sonjay and takes out Shera with the double foot stomp. Shera faces KM in a really sloppy match and wins with the worst Sky High of the past decade – he still gets a huge reaction though. Kongo comes down and beats him up.

JB and Park do more pool training. JB dives in, then Park and then they high five. Karen is asked about her favorite Slammiversary moment and she can’t name any – so Allie names her debut last year. Storm talks about being in the role that Curt Hennig was in years ago and needing a veteran to teach him and now he can do that for younger guys. Eli and Adonis come out before Moose says his partner will be DeAngelo Williams. We get NFL Network footage and they really do make this out to be a huge deal – so it’s a bit odd to play this up like a last-minute thing. The heels beat up Moose.

EC3 and Lashley come out to face Alberto and Storm. Alberto plays face in peril for a while before locking on the armbar in the ropes. Storm comes in to face Lashley and hits a big kick. Calf wrangler to Lashley gives him an edge, but Lashley gets a delayed suplex. Lashley hits a big powerslam, and Alberto hits EC3 with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Lashley tags in and takes Alberto down with a neckbreaker. A brawl breaks out with belts and chairs, so it’s a no contest. Well, that certainly was a boring way to end the show.

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