Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Top 10 Marvel Legacy Returns! Was Comics Industry Shaken? X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man & More! Fantastic Four?

Top 10 Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers follow.

Marvel Comics promised Marvel Legacy news today that would rock / change the comics industry.

Well, that announcement was a series of GIFs with homage covers, shown with what cover they are homaging, with 2017 Marvel Legacy reveals.

By any measure, while many of these are interesting and compelling, they hardly rock the industy. Marvel’s hype machine overplayed this.

That said, here are the Top 10 reveals or debuts or big returns of the Marvel Legacy GIF parade today.

1. Shatterstar returns in Cable.

2. High Evolutionary Returns in Champions.

3. A second New Champions team debuts in Ice Man.

4. An Incredible Hulk series returns with a visit to Planet Hulk.

5. Purple Man returns in Defenders / Jessica Jones.

6. War Machine (James Rhodes?) returns in the Punisher.

7. Mister Sinister returns in Secret Warriors.

8. Sinister Six returns in Mile Morales’ Spider-Man series.

9. Longshot and Mojo return in X-Men Blue.

10. Loki in Doctor Strange.

BONUS. Awaiting a Fantastic Four related announcement after this was teased by Marvel Comics EIC Axel Alonso.

Which Marvel Legacy reveals today from Marvel Comics’ GIF parade did you find to be the most interesting and consequential?

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