Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: 5 Fantastic Four Covers, One 2-in-1, But No FF?! Plus Why Are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & Hulk MIA?

Fantastic Four, where art thou?

Marvel Legacy Spoilers follow.

Marvel Comics have announced their Marvel Legacy series with a GIF parade that transposes 2017 series covers with the classic Marvel covers they are homaging.

What you should know about Marvel Legacy

Of the 52 covers reveals, yes Marvel Legacy is that company’s New 52, you should check out:

Despite the reveal of a Two-In-One series featuring the Thing and the Human Torch, formerly Fantastic Four stalwarts, there was no Fatastic Four series announced as part of Marvel Legacy.

However, beyond the Two-in-One launch, there were five other instances where Marvel found it a Fantastic Four cover was important enough to homage for Marvel Legacy.

1. All-New Wolverine.

2. Monsters Unleashed.

3. Gwenpool.

4. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

5. USAvengers.

Where are the Fantastic Four?

For that matter, where are Bruce Banner as the Incredible Hulk, Steve Rogers as Captain America, Odinson as Thor and Tony Stark as Iron Man? They are all featured in Marvel’s covers to Marvel Legacy #1 yet no trace of them….

….beyond for one or two in background of Marvel Legacy homage GIF parade, despite being front and center on the Marvel Legacy #1 covers.

Did Marvel’s Legacy announcement “change the comics industry” as they promised? You decide.

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