Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Last 26 Of Marvel Legacy New 52 Series Announced & Still No Fantastic Four, Captain America Steve Rogers, Iron Man Tony Stark, Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner Or Odinson Mighty Thor!

Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers follow.

Despite them being at the foreground of the upcoming mid Secret Empire event Generations, and despite them being literally in the foreground of the three Marvel Legacy #1 covers / variants released so far by Mark Brooks….

…Greg Land…

…and Alex Ross…

…we still don’t have a Captain America Steve Rogers, Iron Man Tony Stark, Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner Or Odinson Mighty Thor series as part of Marvel Legacy! And, no Fantastic Four either. These are big legacy characters that should be at the forefront of a branding initiative called “Marvel Legacy”. It is simply branding since with the exception of two net series, Marvel Two-in-One…

…and Spirits of Vengeance…

…the remaining New 52 covers for Marvel Legacy speak to the series Marvel currently publishes. So, perhaps, Marvel Legacy is the Old 52?

BTW, I genuinely don’t mean to be harsh, but when Marvel bills their announcements the day before as something that will “change the comics industry” and on the day of also say the same thing, readers expected something in the announcement that signaled change. And, despite at least 20 of their 52 series being pretty intriguing, they weren’t “new” or industry “changing”. So a failure in marketing and communications turned an announcement that could have been about “legacy” instead became one of “change” that didn’t deliver on that.

Anyhow, we’ve parsed through Marvel Comics’ Marvel Legacy that was billed as “changing the comics industry” by Marvel twice; first the preface the announcement the day before and then the day of to cap it off. While there are some intriguing titles in the mix, the consensus is that Marvel Legacy is, so far, not comics industry changing.

We cover the best of Marvel Legacy with:

We also covered the:

That covers 26 of Marvel Legacy covers? How many are left? 26 more.

What does that add up to? Well, Marvel Legacy is that company’s New 52. Here’s a checklist.

Finally, here are the remaining 26 covers that we haven’t covered yet or the Bottom 26.

1. Uncanny Avengers

2. Thanos

3. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

4. Deadpool / Spider-Man

5. Iron Fist

6. Old Man Logan

7. Luke Cage

8. Iron Man featuring Ironheart

9. Hawkeye featuring Kate Bishop and Clint Barton (the latter still sans his beloved legacy costume)

10. Royals

11. Weapon X

12. Moon Knight

13. Deadpool

14. Avengers

15. Venom

16. Black Bolt

17. Squirrel Girl

18. Generation X

19. Captain Marvel

20. Black Panther

21. X-Men: Gold

22. Jean Grey

23. Defenders

24. America

25. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man

26. Ms. Marvel

So, what did you think of Marvel’s Legacy announcements? Did it live up to the hype? Are you intrigued for a few series?

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