Impact Wrestling 6/29/17 Recap – 8-Man Tag Main Event

We get a rundown of the big events of the past month before we get clips of a contract signing for Rosemary and Sienna, Davey and Eddie, EC3 vs. Storm, and Lashley vs. Alberto. Storm cut an intense promo on EC3, while Alberto got a huge “Si!” chant. Sonjay’s celebration is shown off and then Trevor Lee comes out with Low-Ki to face Sydal and Sonjay. Babyfaces hit a double legsweep before Lee and Sydal have some exciting exchanges. Sydal hits the shooting star press and wins it.

Moose’s partner trains a bit before we see Adonis and Eli bullying people in India to “train”. Eli and Adonis beat the Mumbai Cats from Ring Ka King with the Eli Drop – Sheamus’s White Noise. King Mo is announced as being in Lashley’s corner at the PPV. Spud and Swoggle have a goofy comedy street fight with a dwarf Bollywood star as ref. He pantses the ref, so Swoggle takes Spud’s pants off to reveal some tiny briefs. The little guys hit a doomsday device on Spud before hitting Finlay’s Celtic Cross off the apron through a table, which just finished the prior match, to win.

Josh and Park train and Josh tells him to find his inner monster. Poor Joseph Park can’t even figure it out with an Abyss figure in his hands. Laurel, KM, and Sienna team up against Braxton, Allie, and Rosemary. But first, Alberto talks about his history with his father going over everything he struggled with – but as a father, he does what he can to get better and make his kids better like his dad did for him. A wacky six-way brawl erupts and Rosemary beats LVN with the Red Wedding. Joseph Park talks about Abyss and grabs Janice. We get a rundown of the Alberto vs. Lashley rivalry, with Lashley hyping himself up wonderfully.

Kongo, Davey, Lashley and EC3 compete against Shera, Storm, Alberto, and Eddie. They jump Shera before the bell, which leads to him being a face in peril for a bit. There’s really not much to the match itself sadly – everyone does signature spots to their PPV rivals, then to other guys, and then Alberto beats Kong with the wacky double stomp. This was very much a paint by numbers show and felt like an entire show of meaningless NJPW billion guy opening tag matches with some solid video packages thrown in.

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