Netflix’s GLOW Recaps by Penny; Episode 6 – This Is One of Those Moments

The cold open has Ruth and Sam arrive early at the gym, and Ruth is still practicing her Russian heel character. Unbeknownst to Ruth or Debbie, he’s invited Debbie here too. He tries to sell Debbie on Ruth being the perfect heel for her, and goddamn Alyson Brie is selling this shit hardcore. It is clearly actually her tossing herself around the ring to sell Debbie on the pairing, taking hard bumps and flips, and not a stunt person. Debbie however isn’t sold and wants someone else.

After the title card we’re in the diner they all eat at and justine is with Pizza boy and oh my muhfugging gawd they are diabetically cute together deciding on dessert for breakfast of carrot cake.

And then it all goes south when he bashes Sam’s movies, as she really genuinely is a fan of Sam’s work. She leaves, insulted. Ruth hits up the gay Russian motel manager to give her tips on how to more convincingly play a Russian heel. He isn’t interested in helping her but she says she wants to be a more accurate Russian rather than a Boris and Natasha caricature. He relents.

Justine and Brittania are running character and lock-up drills and Justine is hurt to learn Brit is sleeping with Sam. Gregory the Motel manager is teaching Ruth to drink vodka and not speak in metaphors. As it turns out, he and his family are Russian Jews who were persecuted in Russia, and the family event is his nephew’s bris. Debbie is paired up with Rhonda and is annoyed that they aren’t meshing. She demands a better heel.

Gregory is annoyed that Ruth keeps bothering everyone and asking stupid questions but Ruth is trying her best to understand. She asks why Micheal didn’t have his bris as an infant and Gregory explains that his family had to keep their faith hidden in Russia. She makes a comparison to Yentil which Micheal overhears and asks that she sing something from it. Meanwhile Debbie is trying out practically every other woman and nothing is working. Cherry says she and Sam need to get their shit together. Justine yells at Sam for fucking Brit. Samn then tells Dewbbie she needs to get over what Ruth did and work with her. On that note, Ruth comes in pissass drunk and is now doing a bad Jewish character and dear goddess this is incredibly painful to watch. Debbie finally gets with the program and goes into full yank vs soviet promo modeand Ruth smiles. The pain has passed and the chemistry is amazing. The joy of sweeing it work is actually heartwarming even though Ruth ends up running off to vomit.

Pizza guy is venting to Gregory about messing up with Justine, who has broken into Sam’s office and this CANNOT end well. End of episode.

The momentum keeps building, the show keeps growing on me. It’s a weird build, as the first two episode bordered on unwatchable, but it does keep getting better and now I’m actually enjoying myself. See you tomorrow for episode 7.

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