Netflix’s GLOW Recaps by Penny; Episode 7 – Live Studio Audience

Cold open has the girls handing out flyers for their first live show, with Sheila dragging some goth guy around saying his whole coven will be there. Melrose looks confused. After the title card the girls are looking at the booker sheet and Sam and Sebastian are discussing last minute details and needs. Apparently Sam’s video camera was stolen, (gee I wonder who by?) and he wants Sebastian to replace it.Sebastian balks and Sam yells out to the girls that he wants it back. Justine looks nervous.

Debbie and Ruth are on the apron watching Cherry and Carmen show them how they’ve planned out their opening sequence. Debbie thinks it’s boring and wants to try something else. Cherry insists. Ruth says let’s try it their way. Sheila later watching Jeopardy while Ruth is painting a Hammer & Sickle on her face and trying to figure out what’s missing. Debbie comes in and says they need to step it up Friday. She doesn’t want to look like a fakey asshole, she wants to have an impact. Meanwhile Cherry’s hubby shows her his ref shirt. She approves.

Carmen takes Debbie and Ruth to train with her brothers, who show off some high impact moves that the ladies definitely want to use. Meanwhile Cherry tells Welfare Queen they need to go behind Sam’s back and rewrite the racist match he booked for them. Back at Carmen’s house her brothers keep working with Debbie & Ruth and we get a training montage set to a song from the friggin’ Transformers the Movie soundtrack. The good one, not the Micheal Bay shit. Ruth and Debbie continue to run moves and practice hardcore and I keep hearing Judd Nelson yelling at Starscream in my head, but it’s awesome.

Rhonda is rummaging through Sam’s drawers to find a video she made. It’s awful, but the takeaway is that she found the missing camera in her locker, and I have a theory that Justine might be so pissed because she’s Sam’s bastard daughter. Later Sebastian is trying to convince Sam to be the colorman. Sam isn’t sold on the idea of announcing. Ruth and Debbie are talking last minute details, and Sam awkwardly wishes everyone luck. Justine tries to get Rhonda in trouble by telling Sam where the camera was.and the ti

It’s showtime and things are NOT getting off to a good start. Carmen has stage fright, which she thinks is a heart attack. They have no theme songs, and the tinby crowd is dead. That is until Cherry’s rewrite is revealed and the crowd comes alive as the black woman tag team beats up a couple klanswomen. With the crowd finally into it, things are looking up.

Carmen did indeed have stage fright and beats herself up for it. Sebastian gives her a pep talk and reassures her.

It’s time for Ruth and Debbie to main event. Crowd is hot for Debbie’s American Country Tart schtick, and she gives a quick I love America promo. Ruth comes out carrying a boombox playing the Russian national anthem. They rile the crowd up with dueling promos and proceed to bust ass. Crowd is loving it and how did this suddenly become a straight up wrestling recap? And suddenly Debbie’s douchebag ex shows up and completely breaks her concentration. She forgets the match entirely and goes backstage where he continues to be a huge clueless dick acting like he had no influence whatsoever on his marriage dying. The rest of the girls save the show from bombing as Debbie is handed divorce papers.

End of episode. See you tomorrow for Episode 8!

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