Netflix’s GLOW Recap by Penny; Episode 8 – Maybe It’s The Disco

Sam and Rhonda arrive at the gym and Sam asks her to wait outside for a bit before following him in so they look professional. Debbie and Ruth are working out and Debbie is pissed they didn’t get to do their finishing spot and swears she won’t get distracted next time. Sam tells everyone the show was a hit, and makes some suggestions, then like an ass scolds Rhonda for being late.

After the title card the ladies are in the locker room talking about, well, let’s just say men are going to run screaming from the room. They’re happy they’ve all… er… lined up, (bwehehe), and then they learn it’s Sheila’s birthday. Sebastian is nowhere to be found so, after getting Ruth’s take on how conspicuous he and Rhonda are, he invites her to come along while he checks out better venues.

Debbie hands her asshole hubby the signed divorce papers and he tears them up. He claims it was just an angry power play to feel like he had some power in the relationship. He still wants to work things out and talks about therapy for them both.

Sam and Ruth are looking at some weird feaux Aztec theatre venue and Ruth gets him to describe what he’s envisioning. He gets excited describing every camera placement, every crowd position, everything he sees. She thinks it’s perfect. They get back to the motel, Rhonda gets in Sam’s car as Ruth gets out. Melrose runs into Ruth at the pharmacy and they talk about Sheila’s birthday, as do the other girls at the motel decorating, but it turns out Ruth was there to buy a pregnancy test. Goddess those 80’s testkits… Ruth’s impatient waiting for results is set to Under Pressure. Sheila sneaks in to avoid Jenny, whose birthday obsession terrifies her. Ruth runs into the bathroom to dispose of the test, which is positive. She shoos everyone out while she decides what to do.

Sam is surprised that it’s Rhonda dumping HIM after sex. He realizes she actually LIKES him, and that he fucked it up by being paranoid.

The girls are at the roller derby for Sheila’s birthday, and slowly everyone relaxes and they all end up having fun and howling with her, and it’s fun to see them all bond and loosen up. Ruth excuses herself as Rhonda arrives. Cherry notices Carmenis cranky, and Sheila is enjoying skating so much she ignores her cake. Jenny is disappointed but Cherry convinces her that Sheila is happt so she succeeded at making her happy on her birthday.

Debbie and Mark are talking and she wants to know why he felt cheating was okay. He says it happened because they’d grown distant from each other. Debbie wonders why they had a child if that was the case. He says they thought it might bring them closer together.

Ruth calls Sam to talk. They drive around in silence and Sam tries to play off like he was the one who broke up with Rhonda. Sam takes her to a gyno appointment and makes an ass of himself to embarass her for getting him to take her. He asks her if she’s absolutely sure that she wants to do this and shows he actually cares by deciding to wait for her while she undergoes the procedure. The nurse runs her through the usual last minute questions and begins the procedure. End of episode.

And if you can’t guess from my polite description what procedure Ruth was having, no, I am not going to elaborate more because I really don’t want a debate thread on THAT topic in the comments on a comedy show recap. See you tomorrow for episode 9.

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