DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Green Lanterns #26 Reveals Fate Of Volthoom’s Travel Ring & 5 Of The First 7 Green Lanterns Unveiled!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Green Lanterns #26.

If you aren’t reading Green Lanterns you should be. It’s possibly the best super-hero and sci-fi blended comic book on shelves today. Solid art and stories that expand the history of DC Comics.

The book opens in the past 10 billion years ago where we see Volthoom and his (time) travel lantern and ring in action (origin here) and learn more about how he and Rami, the Rogue Guardian, interacted.

Volthoom wants to find his travel lantern and ring so he cam go back to Earth 15 and save his family from the destruction of their world. Rami promises to help him.

However, Rami learns it was in fact Volthoom who actually went back in time to save his planet, but because he had gone mad, destroyed it instead. Rami wants to keep the travel lantern and ring away from Volthoom to spare Earth 15.

Volthoom, who has the Phantom Lantern of emotion within him literally (powers and origin here), a lantern and associated ring that allows the wearer to harness the emotional spectrum, tries to force Rami, but the remaining Guardians of the Galaxy come to his aid.

However, Volthoom kills many Guardians in his quest to find his travel lantern and ring.

Rami has the travel lantern and ring and destroys it using it to…

…create the first 7 seven green lantern rings to harness the emotional spectrum color of green and willpower.

These rings will be worn by the very first 7 Green Lanterns who will be trained by Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz who are seemingly stranded 10 billion years ago too from last issue; they are noticeably absent this issue, but the issue still works.

Anyhow, we know of 4 of the first 7 Green Lanterns already and in this issue we learn about number 5. This Green Lantern is from the planet Alstair and…

…is a planet elemental named Calleen.

The planet Alstair appears to have first appeared in 1961’s Justice L:eague of America #3. Like with the other first Green Lanterns, writer Sam Humphries has been using 10 billion year old characters from established planets of DC Comics lore.

As such, so far, with the first 4 Green Lanterns, the first 5 to have been revealed are:

    • Tyran’r of Tamaran
    • Kaja Dox of Yod-Colu
    • Alitha of Galactica aka the Third World
    • Z’Kran Z’Rann of Mars
    • Calleen of Alstair

Next issue we have Green Lanterns #27 where we’ll see Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz adjust to their transplanting into the deep past of DC Rebirth while…

…Green Lanterns #28 has the 7 first Green Lanterns on the cover with their trainers…

…Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.


Another solid issues by writer Sam Humphries with amazing art by Ronan Cliquet. More of DC’s rich past is revealed here setting the stage for the reveal of all 7 of DC’s first Green Lanterns. Amazing issue. While Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz do not appear in the issue, a void is not felt as Volthoom and Rami are compelling characters and the story being weaved about the past of the Green Lantern Corps is fascinating and entertaining. 9 out of 10.

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