WWE Raw 7/10/17 Recap – Seth vs. Bray

A rundown of last night’s major events starts the show off. Big Cass comes out and talks about kicking Enzo’s ass and he calls himself the future of WWE. He calls out anyone and Big Show comes down and kicks his ass. Elias Samson sings and now it’s time for him to face Finn Balor, which was too unimportant for the Great Balls of Fire PPV. Balor eats a lot of offense, but gets his usual slingblade>dropkick combo before winning with the double stomp.

The Hardys come out and says that after last night’s loss, some are saying they should fade away and classify themselves as obsolete. This gets a HUGE delete chant going and The Club comes down to insult them leading to a tag match. The Club cheats to win and then the Revival comes down and demolishes the Hardys as well. The Miz comes out and gives his Miztourage Mizzy awards. Dean and Seth come down to beat up the goon squad. Dean and Seth chat backstage and Dean says he doesn’t fully trust Seth and he tells him to fight his own battles. Dean was quite a prick here.

Sasha and Bayley come out to face Alexa and Nia Jax. Nia dominates for a bit before being attacked and sent outside. Nia and Sasha brawl outside before Nia frames her ala Nash and misses her giant charge. Cole, like a goof, says he thinks Sasha moves. Given that Nia never came close to her and Sasha was on the ground when she hit the dasher boards, this was quite the observation. Bayley gets a fluke schoolgirl cradle on Alexa to win. Well, at least Bayley didn’t lose again.

Goldust cuts another awesome promo on Truth and they actually have their match. Goldust hits whatever his spinning suplex/neckbreaker is called this week and wins it. Kurt is mid-ring and talks about Brock before introducing him and hyping him up as the Universal Champion. Brock and Kurt had amazing in-ring chemistry years ago, and they have none of it now with Kurt as a non-wrestler. Roman comes down and wants his title match and Brock tells him that he doesn’t deserve a shot. Joe comes down and says he has Brock’s number. Kurt says that next week, Joe and Roman will have a match to determine who faces Brock at Summerslam.

Kurt and Corey talk about a mysterious text. Kurt says he can’t let it get out, but he might have to go public with it and his career could be destroyed. Next week, he will go public and holy crap is Kurt a bad actor. Cedric and Tozawa face Neville and Noam Dar in a fairly fun match. Cedric gets a chance to shine with some impressive dives and Tozawa actually beats Neville with his gorgeous senton off the top. Seth chats with Charly before Bray says that Seth won’t be forgiven for his sins. Seth and Bray have another match, and it’s better than the PPV match.

Seth and Bray work at a much faster clip and Bray busts out a nasty headbutt and an eye poke. Sister Abigail hits and wins it for Bray. Miz and his goons come down to attack Seth and they actually do before Dean comes down to save his former friend. Good, he’s less of a prick now – but he still only came down after three guys attacked his blinded friend. Not really much to the show tonight, but the Angle mystery is at least getting a payoff soon – so that should be something.