10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor July 15, 2017 (Young Bucks, Briscoes, Cody Rhodes, Punishment Martinez)

Thought Zero – Ring of Honor wrestling has some of the best in-ring action in the world. Sometimes the storylines leave you wanting, but very rarely do they go wrong in the ring. That isn’t a big or new thought, just something that ran through my head.

1) We start off with Cody holding the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight title. He is in the ring to talk and the crowd gives him a “You deserve it” chant. This crowd is definitely pro-Bullet Club. And they are booing even the mention of Christopher Daniels. I am not sure if ROH planned for a double turn here, but the crowd sure is trying to force their hand. Cody doesn’t do anything different in his promo, he is still the cocky heel persona he has been doing for months now, but the crowd doesn’t care.

2) Cody says that his rematch with Christopher Daniels will be a two out of three falls match. That’s sort of an odd stipulation for a champion to demand.

3) Today’s first match is Punishment Martinez versus Jonathan Gresham. I am a fan of both of these guys, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Punishment Martinez is my 8 year old son’s favorite wrestler. He even tried to argue that Martinez would beat The Undertaker from his prime. Give him a break, he’s 8.

4) Gresham is over a foot shorter and about 100 pounds smaller than Martinez. The size difference is pretty crazy. Gresham spends the first part of the match avoiding Martinez with his speed and agility while frustrating him with flips and throws and a cool knee hyper-extension. But soon after we go to a commercial.

5) Back from commercial and Gresham is still working on that knee while dodging Martinez’ power moves. Gresham hits a DDT and a flip on the outside and then a high body press for only a one count. Gresham can’t believe it only got a one count. In fact, he is in such disbelief that he walks right into a big boot. Gresham keeps working on the knee, including a pretty cool submission that really ties up Martinez. Gresham keeps going and even hits a Shooting Star Press but that only gets two.

6) Martinez eventually gets the win eventually. After catching a diving Gresham outside the ring, he powers him up for a last ride powerbomb to the edge of the ring apron. That looked absolutely sick. One Psycho Driver later and he got the pin. After the match, Jay White stuck his nose in and he and Gresham double teamed Martinez until he bolted.

7) We see backstage footage of the Briscoes and Bully Ray after they lost the 6-man tag team titles to Dalton Castle and the Boys. Mark and Jay are at each other’s throats and Bully Ray tries to be the voice of reason. He’s not exactly the most stable person to listen to. He did try to kill Mae Young remember?

8) The next match is the Tempura Boys versus Cheeseburger and Joey Daddiego. Yeah… I can’t really be bothered with this match. And Colt Cabana’s stupid puns about Sho’s name are annoying. By the way, Cheeseburger and Daddiego won after a palm thrust.

9) After the match, Cheeseburger almost gets abducted by two Burger groupies at ringside. After security chases them off, Will Ferrara attacks Cheeseburger again until Daddiego chases him off. Yeah, that was a whole lot of nothing.

10) The main event is the Briscoes and Bully Ray versus the Young Bucks and Adam Page. This match is exactly what you would expect of these guys, but the announcing of Colt Cabana is obviously setting up a heel turn by one of the Briscoes. Example: “The Briscoes are always on the same page.” Now, say what you will, but 5 of these 6 guys always bring it in the ring and have a great deal of energy which is why the crowds love watching their matches. If you don’t know who the 6th person is, it is Bully Ray. A ref bump stops the 3D getting the pin. A second ref bump allows Marty Scurll to run in and nail Jay Briscoe with the umbrella to give the Bullet Club the victory. Jay and Mark Briscoe start destroying security in frustration as Bully Ray just looks on to collect a paycheck.


Next week, Kushida defends the ROH TV title against Jay White. And in two weeks, we get another Women of Honor special. Have a good one!


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