SDCC 2017 & DC Comics Spoilers: DC Comics Expected To Rebirth Milestone Comics?!

SDCC 2017 and DC Comics Spoilers follows.

At Thursday evenings DC Comics panel “Meet The Publishers” in response to a fan question DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee noted that he expects the “Milestone relaunch” to be finalized / codified in “next few months“.

The stories will take place on Earth M in an alternate reality.

DC Comics publishes Milestone Comics’ diverse heroes and heroines in the 1990s and pre-Rebirth where they met DC heroes. What in fact Milestone 2.0 looks like has been the subject of much speculation due to its many downs and few ups over the last several years.

Will Milestone 2.0 be part of the part of the broader DC Rebirth continuity along with DC’s Young Animal and Dark Matter or less connected like Wildstorm and Vertigo? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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