SDCC 2017 & Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Marvel Finally Explains What Legacy Is About & Why It’s Important In A Direct Way

SDCC 2017 and Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers follow.

Between San Diego Comic Con 2017 (SDCC 2017) Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends panel and the Cup of Joe panel, Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Alonso has refined and focus his messages on what Marvel Legacy is. It is the first real crisp and clear message from the EIC and Marvel on the initiative after their initial missteps of framing it as “changing the industry” and then revealing homage covers that didn’t do that.

Five key statements from Alonso make his point.

    • “It [Marvel Legacy] starts with a 50-page special. It’s not a cross over. We challenged our creators to look back at the gems of Marvel’s history and pull them out and create new stories with them.” (Cup of Joe panel)
    • “….[stories] that would be exciting for the old fans and tempting to the new fans.” (Cup of Joe panel)
    • Legacy is “an event of self contained stories.” (Cup of Joe panel)
    • It is a “great way to remind people we love the mythology as much as you do.” (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends panel)
    • “Over the next few months, we’re going to be bringing back dozens of your favorite heroes and villains.” (Cup of Joe panel)

In terms of the last one, it has been confirmed that over 30 characters and artifacts are returning to Marvel prominence in Marvel Legacy; a BIG return seems to have happened last week in a big comic book launch with a shiny new #1 issue.

Certainly, the criticism about Legacy has been at best mixed after the initial industry-not-changing homage covers announcement as Marvel has rolled out since then solid creative teams for titles and interesting new arcs teased. That said, it appears that over 90%, so far, of Marvel’s existing titles will make their way into Marvel Legacy and in some cases renumbered to their legacy numbering.

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