SDCC 2017 & Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: The Challenges Of ResurrXion For The X-Men

SDCC 2017 and Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers for ResuurXion follows.

At Marvel Comics’ ResurrXion panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017 (SDCC 2017) most of the talk focussed on logistics of coordinating so many x-characters and so many different creators.

How do some creators explain the past and future challenges of being consistent with some x-characters?

Well, Sina Grace, writer of Iceman, noted that there “are a lot of antiheroes in the X-Men universe, and sometimes their allegiances change. I have to be flexible about that.

So, ResurrXion and Marvel Legacy editorial is flexible to the allegencies and motivations of some characters. As long as editorial likes the pitch, whether consistent or not with the characters roots or past portrayal, then any disonance is explained away by the ant-hero label. Or, at least, that’s who understand it now.

Despite RessurXion initially branded for X-Men and Inhumans the panel was decidely X I nature.

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