Marvel Comics Legacy & Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers: Spider-Men II #1 Reveals 2nd Miles Morales Plus A MAJOR Threat! Not To Be Confused With Generations: Spiders!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers follow for Spider-Men II #1.

At the end of the first Spider-Men mini-series…

…years ago we were left with this.

Miles Morales, Marvel Legacy’s Spider-Man, is formerly of the Ultimate Universe, but the main 616 Marvel Universe also had a Miles Morales whose circumstances shocked Peter Parker, the 616’s Amazing Spider-Man.

The pay off, sorta, came at the end of issue #1 of Spider-Men II #1.

First the big bad for the event mini-series is the Taskmaster!

That spurs the 616’s Miles Morales to action to end the issue.

A very different look. Is this Miles Morales friend or foe?

Spider-Men II mini-series is different from the other “Spider-Men” one-shot coming in the form of Generations: Spiders…

…and its two covers.

Lots of Spider-Men in Marvel nowadays!

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