Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: 3-Page Primers Coming To Each Kick-Off Legacy Comic Book! Plus 11 Pages Of Teaser Pencils!

Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers follow.

Marvel Comics will be including 3-page Primer Pages in each of its Marvel Legacy kick-off issues to tell the relevant points of history for that book’s signature characters. These Primers will be written by Robbie Thompson with art by Mark Bagley.

More below.

      Marvel editor Darren Shan – “When I first approached Robbie and Mark to do these Primer stories, I gave them only one edict: to remind all readers both who these characters are and what they’re about in three all new pages. What we got back has been some of the most fun art I’ve ever seen from Mark! And we couldn’t be luckier to have someone like Robbie to cherry pick the most classic moments in Marvel history. Then the two of them tie this all up into one perfect package. I think everyone will love these!

      Writer Robbie Thompson – “It’s been an absolute blast working on this project — it gives me a great excuse to re-read so many of my favorite comics! I’ve been a fan of Mark’s for years, so to get to work with him is a dream come true. Mark takes the scripts and distills them down to their essence, finding brilliant ways to tell these stories with truly iconic images. I can’t wait for people to see what he’s done with these!

      Artist Mark Bagley – “This Legacy gig has been a lot of fun to work on and a bit of an education…even for someone who has been drawing comics for as long as I have! I think readers will really enjoy the stories we’re revisiting.”

And now some of the early pencils; 11 pages worth.


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