SDCC 2017 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Master Class Artists John Romita Jr. & Andy Kubert Explain Appeal Of Dark Matter / DC & Why They Left Marvel Comics

SDCC 2017 and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Dark Matter.

Two modern day second generation artistic legends at DC Comics, Andy Kubert and John Romita Jr., dished as part of DC Comics’ San Diego Comic Con 2017 (SDCC 2017) Master Class panel. Here are the highlights.

Andy Kubert.

    • Andy Kubert said his dad legendary artist Joe Kubert was tough as nails as he “didn’t take any crap. It was like growing up with Sgt. Rock.”
    • Kubert learned to letter from his dad and got first break in the comics industry as a letterer.
    • After years at Marvel, it was a desire to draw Batman that drew Kubert to DC Comics.
    • He likes to be creative and tries to do “something different with every project he takes on“.
    • What drew Kubert next book is New Challengers (aka Challengers of the Unknown) for Dark Matter was the fact he could work on a sci-fi story as opposed to straight super-heroics.

John Romita Jr. aka JRJR.

    • John Romita Jr. noted his dad, legendary DC Comics and Marvel artist John Romita Sr., didn’t want his son to be in the comics business because Sr. was “miserable” doing DC Comics’ romance books.
    • However, Jr. got into the business due to Sr.’s superheroes work and he learned to draw just be watching his dad.
    • Sr. did not help Jr. get in the business, the way Sr. helped Greg Capullo get into Marvel.
    • John Romita Jr. credits Marie Severin at Marvel for giving him his comic industry break by being hired as an office assistant at Marvel.
    • Working on Spider-Man for Marvel, after his dad’s legendary run on the book, was”terrifying.”
    • DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio that he never believed John Romita Jr. would work at DC after such a long tenure with Marvel. To which John Romita Jr. said that DC Comics “made an effort that Marvel did not” to secure his talents.
    • John Romita Jr. commented on working at DC Comics and creating a new character under the Dark Matter umbrella.
    • Romita noted that working on established characters like Superman and Batman after “the greatest artists in history” was more stressful compared to creating new characters like The Silencer for Dark Matter.

Interesting perspectives.

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