DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Detective Comics #961 Has DC Return Of Beloved Batman Classic Plus Dark Matter’s Immortal Men & A Young Bruce Wayne?!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Detective Comics #961 with Batman follows.

The book opens with a young Zatanna and a young Bruce Wayne that encounter two of the rumored original Immortal Men set to star in their own Dark Matter series later in 2017; Zatara and Ra’s Al Ghul.

Azreal, Jean-Paul Valley, has an internal struggle with his presumably Order of St. Dumas programming, manifested a petulant child in the “heavenscape”…

…who threatens and does take over his body with the intent of killing Batman and team.

A battle ensues and Azrael is subdued.

Batwing has a plan to save Azrael as they can’t win their bigger fight without him. Batwing’s plan to help the fractured mind of Azrael, and get him back on their side, is…

…the Azrael-Batman armor aka Azbat armor!

Fun times ahead!

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