Inside Pulse Wrestling’s WWE SmackDown Live Rankings 07.26.17

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown Live Rankings by Inside Pulse Wrestling.

In these rankings we take the top 10 contenders for the WWE World Championship, and Top 5 for each the SmackDown Live Woman’s Championship, & SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship. In the rankings we take 3 major factors into account:

-Win/Loss since the last ranking
-Amount of TV Time dedicated to a particular character and/or storyline
-Logical storyline progression

A new ranking report will be released after the first SmackDown Live after a Pay-Per-View event.

WWE World Champion – Jinder Mahal (since 05.21.17)
1. John Cena (NR)
2. Shinsuke Nakamura (5)
3. AJ Styles (4) (United States Champions since 07.25.17)
4. Randy Orton (1)
5. Kevin Owens (2)
6. Chris Jericho (NR)
7. Sami Zayn (7)
8. Baron Corbin (3)
9. Rusev (NR)
10. Mike Kanellis (NR)

Cena has returned, and after beating Rusev, he goes right to the front of the line for the WWE Championship, as he meets Nakamura next week for #1 contendership. Orton drops quite a bit after 3 months at the top of the contendership. Jericho has returned, and while it might be a one-shot deal, he deserves his spot.

WWE SmackDown Live Woman’s Champion – Naomi (since 04.02.17)
1. Natalya (4)
2. Charlotte Flair (3)
3. Becky Lynch (4)
4. Tamina (NR)
5. Carmella (2)

Nattie has a hard-fought title shot coming her way at SummerSlam. The rest pretty much falls in line from the Elimination Match at Battleground.

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions – The New Day (since 07.23.17)
1. The Usos (Champs)
2. Breezango (3)
3. Hype Bros (2)
4. The Ascension (5)
5. The Colons (4)

New Day has become the new champs! The rest of the Tag Division seems to be floundering around, mainly centered around who attacked Breezango!

The next Smackdown Live Rankings are scheduled for August 23, after SummerSlam!

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