DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Green Lanterns #28 Reveals Last Of 7 First Green Lanterns From Krypton (Superman) Plus A SHOCKING Twist!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Green Lanterns #28.

The book opens with the revelation of who and where the last of thw First 7 Green Lanterns is from 10 billion years ago; during a time where modern day Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz seemed to be trapped.

The last of the first lanterns is from a familiar planet…

…Krypton, the ancestral home of Kal-El, the modern day Superman!

The last of the first lanterns is an explorer who, when they reach a new planet, attempts to save her team from a dust storm.

She succeeds, but their space ark is destroyed and he team pleased with her efforts to save them.

And, just at the moment, the last of the first Green Lantern rings finds Jan-Al of Krypton…

…and makes her the last of the First Green Lanterns.

With that, to recap, with the first 4 Green Lanterns, the 7 first lanterns are:

With all 7 First Lanterns established, in the their flashback origins, we have them meet Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, the latter with no ring. We get a nice group shot of the First Lanterns.

Rami, the Rogue Guardian of the Galaxy, appears to them and explains why he created the Green Lantern rings and what he needs them for.

However, each of the new Green Lanterns wants to go it alone against the threat of the Volthoom despite Jessica Cruz welcoming them to the Green Lantern Corps and offering hers and Simon Baz’s services to train them.

We also learn about the instability of these first Green Lantern rings. They gave no safeguards.

Jan-Al of Kryton’s willpower exceeds 2000% and kills her! The most powerful, Superman level powered, first Green Lantern is gone in the same issue she debuted.

The remaining six First Green Lanterns take not and are open to Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz’s training…

…as Voltoom, of the past, attacks Rami the Rogue Guardians…

…seeking to reclaim his Travel Lantern ring and battery from Earth 15!


Another amazing issue written by Sam Humphries with awesome pencils by Eduardo Pansica and inks by Julio Ferreira. The twist around Jan-Al raised the stakes around these unstable first Green Lantern rings. Loved the issue and the secret history of the Green Lantern Corps; the mythology is being enriched by this arc. 9 out of 10.

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