DC Comics Spoilers: Green Lantern Corps Earth Based Era Collected In Green Lantern Corps: Beware Their Power Volume 1

DC Comics Spoilers follow.

Amazon tells us that in February 2018 we will get Green Lantern Corps: Beware Their Power Volume 1 collected edition. The solicitation reads:

      Some of the greatest tales and key mythology of the Green Lantern corps from the 1980’s are collected in this trade paperback for the very first time!

      While imprisoned inside the Sciencells in Oa, Sinestro tells 1,001 stories to the Mad God of Sector 3600, T:D:H:D, to prove to it that the Guardians of the Universe are not as infallible as they think they are.

      Katma Tui is sent to recently found obsidian deeps to appoint a protector for this space sector, and Guardians are listening to her report after the mission. This space sector is lightless, meaning there are no stars, sun or light. Katma Tui found a planet and a possible protector and approached him. She told him about her intentions and he believed her but he couldn’t understand her because in a world with no light “green lantern” means nothing.


The series lasted to Green Lantern Corps #224, but began in Green Lantern Corps #201 not #207. Not sure if that is a typo in the solicitation above or whether the first 6 issues of this GLC run is collected elsewhere.

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