Lawsuit Over Milestone Revival At DC Comics May Stall Both Milestone 2.0 DC Rebirth & Young Justice Season 3: Outsiders Cartoon?

Variety is reporting That comics creator Dwayne McDuffie’s widow, Charlotte McDuffie, is suing the creators behind the Milestone revival at DC Comics. It is alleged that that McDuffie’s estate was…

      …”excluded from the revived venture. At the time of his death, McDuffie owned 50% of Milestone Media, with Dingle owning the other half, the suit contends.

      The three partners did not buy out McDuffie’s share of the company. Instead, they formed a new company called Milestone Media Company LLC, also referred to as “Milestone 2.0,” which took control of Milestone’s intellectual property, the suit alleges.

      Charlotte McDuffie alleges that her inquiries about the new company have been met with “stalling and stonewalling tactics.” According to the suit, the new company is seeking to expand Milestone’s relationship with DC Comics, and is talking to other publishers about new projects, “all the while utilizing the intellectual property rightfully owned by Milestone, without compensation to Milestone or McDuffie’s estate, and without the consent of the Plaintiff or McDuffie’s heirs.”

      The parties entered into a tolling agreement in April as they sought to settle the dispute. However, those talks appear to have broken down with the filing of the suit. In the agreement, Milestone’s partners issued a denial of the estate’s allegations.”

It appears that despite recent reports that DC Comics was close to consummating the deal for the Milestone 2.0 DC Rebirth that it may delayed until the lawsuit is settled.

With Milestone character Static featured prominently in teaser art for Young Justice Season 3: The Outsiders TV cartoon, will the YJ cartoon’s return be delayed or Static cut out until the lawsuit is settled? Milestone characters Icon and Rocket have also appeared on previous seasons of Young Justice.

Stay tuned as the situation develops.

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