Marvel Comics Legacy & Secret Empire Spoilers: Secret Empire #10 Will Bridge Generations One-Shots To Marvel Legacy Via The Vanishing Point! (Slight Generations: Jean Grey & The Phoenix #1 Spoilers)

Marvel Comics Legacy and Secret Empire Spoilers for Generations one-shots and Secret Empire #10 finale.(Slight Generations: Jean Grey & The Phoenix #1 Spoilers)

A variant cover for the final issue of Secret Empire, issue #10, is done by Alex Ross spotlights some of the Generations leads and asks on the cover: “What Is The Vanishing Point“?

We also know from the first of the first of the Generations one-shots that hit stands, Generations: The Strongest featuring the Amadeus Cho Total Awesome Hulk and the Bruce Banner Incredible Hulk (spoilers here) that the Vanishing Point is the mechanism that allows the present heroes of Marvel to travel to the past to meet with their precursors. It looks like each Generations one-shot will open with a grammatical suspect poem about the Vanishing Point:

The Vanishing Point

An instant apart!
A moment beyond!
Loosed from the shackles of the past, present and future – a place where time has no meaning!
But where true insight can be gained!
Make your choice! Select your destination!
The journey is a gift…

We saw this with Generations: Totally Awesome Hulk / Banner Hulk #1, The Strongest…

…and will see it in next week’s Generations: Jean Grey and the Phoenix #1, The Phoenix.

So, it looks some of the heroes at the end of Secret Empire travel to the past to meet themselves or their forefathers/mothers for some unknown reason with the Vanishing Point fully explained in Secret Empire #10? It is currently where we last saw a bearded Steve Rogers battle the Red Skull.

More to come. Definately.

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